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Stronghold Kingdoms F2P

Stronghold Kingdoms is a strategy game set in the medieval era in Europe; a classic age of castles and kings. the game is a persistent Free to play MMORTS that brings together players from all over the world, thousands of online opponents' battle it out for power and glory either through diplomacy, trade or conquest. You can either go in alone or join one of the larger factions.


- 1000s of players in a persistent world
- Interactive map to trade, scout, explore and recover much needed resources
- Rise in rank from a lowly peasant to knighthood, sheriff or even a king
- Earn strategy cards for new technologies and gaining a tactical edge
- Design piece by piece your own castle to hold up against enemy sieges
- Build your own efficient villages and watch them grow over days and weeks
- Fight for friends, factions and your house. Anyone, anywhere at any time
- Extensive original quest system to provide benefits
- Unlockable achievements for your actions in game


Honour is one of the most important aspects of Stronghold Kingdoms as it opens up a number of different options for the player. Initially it allows you to rank up, starting from “Village Idiot” you can work your way up to “King”, which in turn gives research points to put into learning new technologies, but also enables you to attack other players!

Popularity is one of the main sources of Honour, giving you a constant tick over of Honour to build up and spend, but there are many ways in which you can increase your Honour level such as building a number of honour focused buildings e.g. religious buildings (churches, cathedrals) and justice buildings (stocks, jails) and decorative buildings (statues, gardens). Unlocking some technologies will also give you a boost to your honour as will a number of Strategy Cards (see below).


Strategy cards are modifiers which affect various elements in the game directly, offering little benefits as and when you play them. They can enhance a buildings production rate, the strength of walls, give increase in resources and many more things, the length of time a card lasts differs between every card.

The cards vary in quality and come in four grades: bronze, silver, gold and diamond, each requiring a rank that is needed to play that card; the better the card the higher likelihood that the player need a higher rank to use it.


Once entering the game the first thing you will see is the World Map, an overview of everything that is currently happening in your world, the resources, world features and other villages (other players) that are in a region. Players can either be automatically assigned a village or you can look over the detailed interactive map to find a location that better suits you. Once built players have five days of peace time in which they cannot be attacked, giving them but a brief window to start up their village and build some defences.

Laying down some early buildings such as the village hall, stockpile and granary ensure that you have the basic buildings for storing the resources you will soon need to expand and grow your village and its populous. Players begin dwith the most basic resources such as wood and stone, which are needed to construct new buildings, and food that is used to feed the peasants that run your village day to day. As your village grows and new buildings and technologies are unlocked newer resources become available such as weapons and banqueting goods (used for hosting banquets to raise your player rank).

Learning to balance your population is important; raising your popularity will attract more peasants to work your village, things such as available housing, popular buildings and tax rates.


Each village has a castle from where all their defensive structures and units are placed to fend off attacks from rival players. At the heart of the castle stands the players keep, the target for all enemies who will attempt to crush the players' fortifications to reach it.

Players are able to hand design various aspects of the castle, particularly its layout and positioning of towers, gatehouses and walls; a badly designed castle leads to a hard to defend (and easy to conquer) keep! Unlocking technologies will yield better defensive buildings and troops, each of which will take up their own resources and time to build, even if an enemy siege fails the chances are some quick repair work will be needed to ensure the player is ready for when another attack arrives.

Troops play as large a part of a successful defence as your castle fortifications do, even for the player who doesn't want to be aggressive they will still need to improve their military technologies to combat players or even enemy AI who do desire to conquer them.

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