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Survarium is free multiplayer shooter which is set in a near future where an ecological catastrophe has taken place and players are living its aftermath. The game features several modes to play some of them keeping the classic rules sets while others are very unique; making it a great title for both new and old plyares in the genre.

- Unique background story and high quality graphics
- Different and innovative game modes
- Focused on exploration and research
- Character development
- Real weapons replicas are used
- Factions and clans mechanics
- Leaderboards, achievements and tournaments.

This is the main key of the game and its game modes, there are some spots in the maps which although deadly, players will be attracted to them due to their importance, players can get special gear to survive longer in this areas and once there, they have to find artefacts, which are a powerful resources which can help their team or harm their foes.

The characters in survarium progress as in an MMORPG, they can be equipped with gear, can gain experience and levels, which will grant them skill points to spend on different skills. They can also cain reputation with the factions that grants them access to vendors with interesting gear and items such as ammo, weapons, gear, and more.
On the high end of the character progression are the unique abilities which can be learned after reaching specific levels of the passive skills. These special abilities change the way you play the game drastically.
Players can get together and form a clan, which can work for one faction as picked by the clan leader, of course this will bring access to faction vendors and other benefits once the clan as reached certain level of reputation with them, each faction has a different array of items and benefits.
Clans fight against each other for reputation with factions, resources and leaderboards. The world map is split up in regions which can be controlled by one clan at a time, that pushes the clans to fight for territory, fame and wealth.

There are different game modes for different play styles, players can get into PvP, PvE and Coop content, being all of them team based but with the ability to play them solo, the only unique mode is the Coop mode in which players can go through the story of the game and push it forward, helping the humankind to survive this aftermath. The other ones are pretty much the same as the regular mmofps games out there with the addition to the artefacts and territory war.

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