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CroNix Online F2P


Free-to-play third person Shooter MOBA






Cronix is a free to play TPS MOBA in which players fight each other in exciting PvP battles in objective based arenas; the game features a wide variety of characters, classified in the tank, assault and support roles. As players get game currency, they can acquire more characters, equipment and tonics. In the game we can fight against AI bots as against players from around the world.


13 unique characters
You can change your character when you die in combat
Intense combats
Equip yourself with different tonics that you can use in combat
Four game modes: Brawl, Domination, Raid and Survival


In the game we can participate in exciting team based in different game modes each one with its own objectives. XP and in game currency is earned through battles and allows players to purchase new gear, Tonics consumables and new characters from the in game shop.


Players have 4 different available modes:

Brawl - 3v3 team Deathmatch battles where players must win three of five rounds to win.

Survival -5v5 battles where players have eliminate enemy opponents as they try to collect resources to accumulate points. The first team that gets 60 points wins the game.

Domination - 7v7 battles where both teams must capture and hold multiple control points scattered around the map. In the center of the map there is a special point that provides a more beneficial respawn location .

Raid - 5v5 Battles where players both teams have a harvester that is slowly losing power and at the centre of the map a Power Cell spawns throughout the game; to keep power replenished players battle over a Power Cell that spawns in the middle of the map that can be used to heal up/resupply their team harvester.


CroNix Online has 13 different characters, each of which has their own abilities and unique tactics and attacks to employ in battle as well as a particular role they fill. All the characters are classifies into three roles:

Tank – They protect their team mates and use their overall survivability to help push their team towards an objective relying on their higher health and defence rating

Support - This role excels helping and strengthening his teammates and weakening his opponents.

Assault – Their explosive damage and quick burst attacks can quickly kill unsuspecting opponents if they are not careful.


Some of the characters that we can enjoy in CroNix are:

Chris - This brutal assault character is a trained martial artist, capable of chain their punches and kicks to crush his enemies.

Liulian - This character uses stealth to disappear completely and ambush their enemies, to kill them they before they suspect anything. Players can counteract her invisibility with certain skills and tonics.

Heabig - This tank is equipped with a huge riot shield that can provide cover for his allies or which can be used to crush and pummel his enemies.

Iron Fist - This character is equipped with two mechanical hands, one that is capable of firing off a ranged snipe shot and another that fires out a metal fist on a chain to knock enemies down, his special ability allows him to fire five homing missiles at enemies.


The movement out of combat is slow and methodical, which makes the heavier players move more slowly and make them an easy prey for ambushes. However the combats are explosive and action-packed, as the characters use their skills and chain them for devastating effects. Each character has 5 different skills, assigned to the mouse buttons, and to Q, E and space keys, and players can move them using the WASD keys. Use skills and perform sprints consumes Action Points (essentially stamina), so players have to use wisely their attacks to not run out of Action Points at the start of a combat. Each character also has a definite skill that can turn the tide of any battle.


Operating System: Win XP or higher
Processor: Dual 2.4GHz
Memory: 2GB
Graphics: GeForce 9600 GT or Radeon HD 3600
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 3GB

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