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Lords Road F2P


Free to play MMORPG


Web browser




The game is a free to play fantasy epic title in which players will have to become the saviors of a world threatened by an evil that seeks to consume all life, although they are not alone in this mission because they have the help of benevolent goddess who will be at his side to restore the balance. Road Lords can be played from any web browser and offers a wide variety of PvE and PvP features, quests, lots of customization options and a huge world to explore.


Two heroes to choose: Mage or Warrior
Customize your heroes with equipment, pets and mounts
Fight alongside the goddesses who will use their powers to help you
Complete quests, explore dungeons and fight against challenging bosses
Completely free to play
Browser Game


The game is essentially a Hero building MMORPG, in which the players are the protagonists of the story, which is going to be revealed as they complete the mission, earn experience to level up and grow stronger, which will allow them to deal with the most dangerous challenges. The game features numerous customization options that players can use to increase their attributes. When players acquire gear, companions, pets and mounts, the Battle Rating of their characters, a numerical value that determines how powerful the character with respect to enemies and other players, is going to grow. There are strong PVE and PVP elements to the game as well as social aspects to support solo and team based play.


Players can choose between two different heroes, the Mage and the Warrior; the Mage focuses on attack from afar using magic and the elements to devastate their enemies, while the Warrior used his physical strength and his martial prowess to eliminate its rivals. Depending on a players Hero choice it will determine their starting attributes as well as the style of combat and strategy they will have to employ in battle.


In the game there are 8 classical goddesses and one legendary Goddess that players can recruit to provide them skills that can be used to defeat their enemies. Each goddess has its own powers, so the players have to choose which one fits more to his playstyle. Some of these goddesses are:

Fortune - Does damage to all enemies within your reach
Maria – Does poison damage every second to a single enemy
Minerva - Reduces the damage of a single enemy for a few seconds
Annie - Does magic damage to all enemies within your reach
Victory - His ability does a lot of damage to a single target.
Venus – His ability heals the hero.
Chione - Reduces the speed of an enemy for a limited time.


As well as the Goddesses one of the primary ways to improve a Hero is acquiring all manner of items and gear to directly improve the hero's attributes when such items are equipped. These can range from trinkets, weapons and armor that can also be upgraded in the Forge, or even Mounts and Pets, companions that will add their own abilities and attributes to a hero to make them more powerful and can be trained and upgraded.


The game features a wide variety of missions that will make us move forward through the game's history, as well as dungeons, tasks, daily quests and events. The toughest challenges are unlocked as you level up, and in them you can face especially powerful enemies to get great rewards. In the Infinite tower players will have to deal with 100 levels full of enemies, in which every 20 completed levels will reward them with prizes, but they must race against the clock as if they have not completed all 100 levels by the time the daily reset then they will have to start again from level one.


Aside from fighting against the challenging AI players can go head to head against each other and battle it out in the Arena for glory and prizes; here players can challenge the suggested opponents and try to take their position and climb the ranks the higher a player finishes in the daily rankings the better the prizes that they can earn and so competition is fierce. Players can also group up with their Guild to fight in Guild versus Guild battles in the Siege event, fighting the top 4 guilds for unique rewards and titles.


Web browsers

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