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The fast and the furious F2P

A browser-based F2P MMO that takes places in the story of the film, which tells the story of street racings. In Fan immersion games, players generally assume the role of an important character in the original piece of work and take over control of his actions. Each Race Location holds 5 drivers to race. Green race Locations are the ones you can access. In order to unlock a new race location you need to win over the best car in the previous location. The hits can only be carried out by cooperating with your teammates. It's the team's average performance and driving skill that counts.


First you have to choose a car to race. Consider your opponent's Top Speed versus your Top Speed. Your speed is determined by Performance and Driving Skill in which performance weigh heavier than Driving Skill. 10 driving skill will give you as much effect as 1 Performance Point. Your speed may decrease if your parts take Damage by racing. The more damage you have, the less probability you will have to reach your Top Speed. In the Garage you can repair damaged parts. Each race will also give you Heat, which indicates how likely you are to be caught by the police. As long as you are under 50% there is no risk of getting busted, over that you are taking a risk.


The Garage is where you buy parts to make your car go faster and look better. Select a category and buy parts that increase your Performance and/or give you Visuals which will add to your respect. Some parts are locked. You can unlock those by working for your team.

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