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Free to play MMORPG






In this free-to-play Fantasy MMORPG players embody a courageous Dragomon Hunter in the world of Wyveria, where they will find Dragomon of all shapes and sizes. The game has elements of crafting, exploration, PvP and PvE; It is also a title suitable for players of all ages, where they can enjoy lots of epic adventures.


Discover more than 100 different Dragomon
Defeat and tame Dragomon and turn them into your own pets and mounts
Four classes
PvP and PvE content
Craft your weapons and armors


Dragomon Hunter is essentially a colorful Sandbox MMORPG with anime graphics. In the game our goal is none other than track and hunt Dragomon, impressive and very powerful creatures. Players can tame the defeated Dragomon and turn them into mountss, which will allow players to explore the world at high speed, and even fly if they have captured a flying Dragomon.


The game supports four different class of Dragomon Hunter:

The Mercenary is an up close melee combatant utilizing greatswords and battleaxes, they make the ideal frontline combatant with their strong defenses and huge weapons.

The Scout is a more versatile fighter, even battle with dual blades in close combat or at range using rifles and missile attacks; they rely on their speed to get in and out of combat with hit and run tactics.

The Mage is a disciplined arcanist who can wield the power of the elements, their magic is channelled through various implements such as hunting horns and staves, and from a distance they can be the most devastating offensive damage dealers around.

The Cleric are always a welcomed addition to any hunting party, far from the battle shy adventurers people may expect, they can deal out damage with their hammers and cestus' as well as using their magical abilities to heal up their companions.

Each class also has a variety of skills that can be upgraded or redefined using the detailed skill point system, adding further customization to the players' Hunter.


There are over one hundred Dragomon to discover in the world, found deep within some of the hardest to reach places in Wyveria; head into the Sporefell Core to seek out the Fungal Croaker, a huge oversize frog with a mushroom growing from its back or perhaps head to Echo Mine or Echo Valley to seek out the Ironfang Jackal, a mouth full of razor sharp teeth this hostile creature will put up a fight against any Hunters encroaching on its territory. The weird and wonderful Dragomon of the world are found in unique locations and for players to best them they will have to monitor their habits and set a plan and traps accordingly.7


Dragomon drop valuable loot, include crafting materials known as Dragem; each Dragomon drops their own unique Dragem, which are required in different recipes for weapons and armor. The more powerful the weapon recipe the rarer the Dragem needed to complete its construction; going up against a Dragomon with the wrong or weak weapon will have little effect and so Hunters must always be prepared.


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