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Total War Battles Kingdom F2P

GAME STYLE: Free to play MMO RTS
PLATFORM AVAILABILITY: Steam (Windows and Mac) or Mobile (Android and iOS)
DEVELOPED BY: Creative Assembly


Total War Battles: Kingdom is a cross platform MMO real time strategy under the Total War franchise where players will build up their own empire in Medieval England and expand their territory in a PVE focused game mode and also have the chance to challenge players in PVP duels.


- City/Empire building strategy
- Assemble an army and train them up
- Dozens of units and buildings to unlock
- Seasonal effects
- PVP and PVE
- Resource management
- 100% F2P
- Multi-platform accessibility


The year is 915 and England has been ravaged by war, plagued with bandits, foreign raiders and in-fighting between local Lords, chaos has consumed the realm and a ruler must arise to escape this dark age. With the unexpected deaths of both your father and older brother you have now been placed in charge of your Houses lands and must retake all that was lost to you.


Total War Battles: Kingdom is a resource managing empire expanding strategy at heart, users will have to farm lands, acquire resources, construct buildings and raise an army to defend it all in real time strategy combat. With stunning graphics and innovative world building tools users will advance through a PVE focused game, unlocking new features as they level up, that has elements of PVP in the form of ranked duels.


The land itself is divided into hundreds of hex based tiles containing water, trees, sand, grassland and more, each can be a source of resources or a place to build upon and expand your territory. The land itself is not static and users are able to change it such as building up a dam to block off a lake becoming a river and then fill in the dried up river bed to give more land, or lowering the area near a lake and creating your own river in a more desirable location to create farmland and defenses. Similarly players can cut down trees to make room for a growing city or simply acquire wood resources that are used in construction and trade.


Users start with an initial Castle and from here they can construct other buildings attached to it, each tile can have one building or structure (such as a road or bridge) established on it with buildings getting “neighbourhood” bonuses for being connected to certain types of buildings. Each building uses up gathered resources to construct, but in turn may yield resources depending on the building type; buildings such residences attract peasant workers to place in other buildings whereas farms (and their accompanying crop fields) yield much needed food to grow the populous and feed those workers.

As a city expands and begins to use up the majority of its nearby land players can build more Castles and create secondary settlements that can all be connected by roads to make a trade network.


One of the most important buildings are the military buildings (stables, archery ranges, barracks, etc.) used to train different types of units, each placed building will train up a single squad unit of the chosen unit type. These can be melee, mounted and ranged units that have their own strengths and weaknesses against other units and can be placed into your active army made up of nine units total (3 front row, 3 mid row and 3 back row).

When fighting in PVE missions or PVP duels, the two armies face each other in battle and will automatically march to engage each other, players can move around their units position prior to the battle to ensure they are facing an enemy unit type that their own unit can dominate as the units will automatically fight with whichever unit they encounter in front of them (except ranged attackers who the player can choose their target).

Different skills and traits can be used in the battle, further adding to the players own tactics, and the ultimate aim is to defeat all of the enemy teams units; if successful units will earn individual XP which can be used to level them up to unlock new skills and improve various attributes to make them stronger for future battles.


Operating System: Win Vista or above / OS X 10.6 or above
Processor: 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2 GB
Hard Drive: 2 GB
Graphics: GeForce 430 / Intel HD 4000 / Radeon HD 4650
DirectX: 9.0

Mobile: iOS and Android

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