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In Legends of Honor players are the rulers of their own castle and lands, sworn to one of three powerful factions that vie for power and influence over the realm; as a fledgling lord you are tasked with establishing your Castle and raising a devastating army to bring the downfall of your rivals. The game is a traditional Castle building real time strategy focusing on resource gathering, castle construction and building up units to fight in PVE against challenging AI threats and hundreds of real world players. The game is completely free to play and can be accessed without the need of a bulky client download, instead it is conveniently accessible through your web browser.


Builds a wide variety of buildings inside your Castle
Train your units and form an army
Get resources and manage them
Recruit Heroes and let them command your army
Fight against other players and gain ranks
Browser game


There are a variety of focuses in the game that players must concentrate one; acquiring resources, progressing their castle and fielding an army able to defend their territory and bring the fight to their player rivals and AI threats. Balancing resources and time is fundamental to success, every action in the game from constructing a Farmhouse, recruiting Axemen or moving units across the map and engaging in combat can take minutes or hours, and every build or upgrade takes up valuable resources that constantly need replenishing.


There are four main resources (Wood, Stone, Coin and Food) in the game that players need to acquire, either through quests, resource production buildings or by defeating opponents and looting their goods. This resources are needed to build and upgrade buildings and to feed your army.

In addition, players can earn a Gems a premium currency that can be purchased with real money (or levelling up); gems are used primarily to rush the production of buildings and recruiting of units, providing convenience instead of having to wait such a long time.


Units include from Archers and Axemen to Horsemen; players can access to more units as they acquire more Honor, a fundamental scoring mechanism based off how many victories players have, albeit also losing Honor if fighting players of too low a level. Units have a rock paper scissors style mechanic where they will be strong against one type of unit but weak against another, and so players must balance this out as part of their strategy when assembling their army.


As players progress through the game they will unlock access to new Heroes, generals who lead their armies into battle; each Hero having their own unique stats and boosts, these generals can have particular units assigned to them, unit boosters and even equipment to give players full customization over their individual battalions. Heroes appear on the world map as their own individual icon and players can move them around the world to attack marauders, dragons and other players' heroes or their castles. Combat can only be initiated with adjacent targets and when targeted players are given an overview of how likely they are to succeed in the battle if they carry it out based on player level, unit upgrades and general army composition; when committed to the attack both Heroes are locked in battle for a set amount of time until a victor is declared.


When attacking an enemy player, castle or AI unit, players can often attempt to assault the target to take resources and earn Honor, or they can fight for complete destruction where the two opponent units will fight to the death until only one side remains.


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