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Travian F2P

Travian is a free to play online browser strategy game in which players have to choose between three tribes and fight in a war with each other and race to construct a Wonder. Only by well driven resources management and cunning diplomacy can players hope to defeat the rest of tribes and claim victory.


- No download waiting, play it quick.
- Build up villages, wage wars or trade with your neighbors.
- You play with thousands of players in a persistent ancient world.


The hero system in Travian 4 has also been completely re-designed. Hundreds of individual challenges and tasks now await the player. The hero can now be customized with quest rewards that can be equipped on different parts of the hero’s body or sold in the Auction House. That way he can become still more powerful and imposing, and can assert his leadership role.


The Gauls
The most defense oriented tribe. Gauls have powerful cavalry units but are more built towards defensive play. Suggested for intermediate players.

The Romans
Easiest tribe to play, highly recommended for beginners. Romans have balanced attack/defense capabilities and powerful units. The trouble is their units train slowly and are weak against cavalry.

The Teutons
An aggressive tribe best put to use by experienced players. Teutonic soldiers have low defense and speed but are devastating in combat.


With Travian 4, the computer-controlled Natar nation has found its way into. The Natar nation defends its lands with raw determination but they can be wiped out by using skill and clever tactics, then they produce raw materials for the player.


During the classic Roman Age, players start the game with a single undeveloped town and must build themselves a global empire. Players choose from three tribes during account creation, Gauls, Romans, or Teutons. Each tribe has different strengh and weak points along with 10 unique military units.

Unlike other strategy games, Travian has a very real end-point. Every 300 or 100 days (depending on server type) each server enters end-game mode where an NPC controlled tribe, the Natars, continually attack players while they attempt to build a Wonder. The first player to fully construct a Wonder is coined the winner and the server restarts.

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