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Travians is a free to play adventure roleplaying game which immerses the player into a world full of challenges and riddles. As in the strategy game Travian, the player takes on the role of a citizen of the ancient world. But while Travian is mostly about fighting, Travians places the emphasis on adventure. Over the course of many missions, the player explores the vast game world, makes friends and gradually finds out about the family secret.

Players also have to master the demanding everyday life of a villager, producing raw materials and processing them. Very soon, the time comes for the player to take up a trade. Farmer, clay-digger, miller, woodcutter, carpenter or blacksmith.


Travians offers a unique variety of ways to play a browser game. Classic adventure elements, the continuing story line and the options for customizing the surroundings make Travians unique. Travians is perfect for players who enjoy chatting, building their home, interacting in guilds, and playing cooperatively in a more social way.

The houses, which players can furnish however they wish, also add to the uniqueness of the game. Players can take part in fun games at the village inn, match your strength against other players in arena contests and strike bargains in the market square. Through games and fights, character gains experience. Due to its high level of strategy, its communicative and social aspects, as well as the depth of its game play, Travians has even been recommended as educational material by UNESCO.


— Own house
Players can decide how to expand and furnish their house. It is the abode, they will use it to sleep, bath and meet friends.

— Infinite things to do
Fight against other players in the arena or win minigames like Battleships, Skat or Chess in order to improve attributes or to buy new items.

— Family and secrets
Exciting adventures and mysterious riddles await.

— A unique online game
The connection of classic adventure elements, the continuing story and the possibilities to personalize the environment makes Travians a unique enjoyment.


Players can pay for premium functions that speed up their progress in becoming one of the best and strongest within the Travians community. However, all objectives in the game can be achieved without paying anything.

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