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Throne: Kingdom of War

GAME STYLE: Free to play Medieval Strategy


Throne: Kingdom of War is a free to play tactical browser MMO where players must build up their own medieval city, put together an army and battle with other players in PVP to try and conquer their holdings and steal their resources. The game is free to play but offers premium options and micro-transactions for convenience and boosters to help players advance more quickly.


- Multiple buildings to construct or upgrade
- Multiple military troops to train up
- Multiple tech trees to advance through
- PVP attacking other player's cities
- Resource and time management
- Standard Plarium gameplay formula and features
- 100% F2P
- Browser Game


In Throne: Kingdom at War the main focus is on trying to build up the best city and strongest army possible, then using it to increase your score and climb rankings competing against other players in PVP. The game offers solo content where players can try to get by on their own, but many features become available to those who join or create their own player group known as an Order, that allows direct trading as well as the ability to offer your Order companions military assistance should they need it. Whilst battles against AI are commonplace the main focus is PVP and attacking other player's cities to both weaken their army and steal resources from them to add to your own. The game will be very familiar to players who have experienced Plarium's other titles, adopting the same tried and tested gameplay formula and using many of the features and mechanics from those titles.


Building up a city is one of the key components of progressing within the game, this is done in various ways but focuses on acquiring as many resources as possible, using those resources to construct and upgrade new buildings, and to advance your people by unlocking new Studies through the tech trees to give access to new units, buildings and features.

All constructions, and many other elements of the game, cost resources and so the player must constantly manage their assets; as well as this everything takes time to complete, whether constructing a building, studying new knowledge, training a new unit or moving that unit across the battle map to attack a player, and such actions can take minutes or even hours to complete.

Once a building has been constructed players can construct multiple versions of them in some cases, or they can simply upgrade their existing ones, which will improve them in various ways and give greater benefits; a building can only be upgraded to the same level of the primary Palace building's rank.


With the Barracks buildings players can train up a variety of troops to take into battle, the troops that are available to a player are based on those unlocked through acquired Studies. The number of units a barracks can train at any one time depends on the rank of the Barracks itself, the higher the rank the more can be trained.

With an army trained it is time to put them to action, whilst using them to defend holdings and territory is necessary they will also be used for aggressive play and attacking both AI enemies to gain rewards as well as launching attacks on other players cities.

When in the Kingdom Map, which shows the various outposts, player cities and AI enemies and camps near you, players can interact with them in various ways. In the case of player cities it is possible to send a Spy into the city to recover important info about the defences and units in a city prior to making an attack, allowing a player to assemble the most suitable military force to attack it. When the attack is made then the troops will automatically begin marching towards the chosen target, battle with the defending units automatically (with the game working out the odds of victory) and then providing a battle report from the attack as well as any spoils of war that might have been claimed if the attack was a success.


Internet Browser

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