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Wewaii F2P

Wewaii is a complete resort management game with online experience where you can build and manage your own hotel on a paradisiacal and tropical land, players must check on their guests and try to please them by fulfilling their needs, they can build furniture and installations, move them throughout the whole resort and pretty much create the hotel that they want.

- Build and customize your hotel
- Check and rate other player's hotels
- Specialize and unlock new items
- Completely free

Players can build their very own holiday resort, from buildings to plants, decoration and even colors, they can build up the hotel of their dreams with a deep and complex building interface.

The game is focused on cooperation and social features, which reward players for working together by gifting each other random items that will help them improve their hotels. There is also a chat and friends list as you may expect.

Players can micromanage and check individual tourists' needs and try to fulfil them, by doing this the reputation of the resort will increase, which will be beneficial for sure, still these needs can vary a lot depending on the tourist, as each one has very unique likes.

The players can build attractions to please a specific type of tourists, still they can't cover them all unless they build a wide array of attractions and things for they to do, the happier their visitors are the higher the hotel will be rated so investing in this is very important.

As players progress they will be able to gain experience and levels, unlocking new abilities and building types to further specialize their resort or expanding its capabilities to please more types of tourists.

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