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Wolf team F2P

Wolf Team 3D Action Shooter where you have the choice to play as a Werewolf or a Human. You pick a side at the beginning, but it's still possible to swap during the game.

As a Werewolf you are faster and much stronger than your human opponents. You have the ability to climb walls and cause extreme damage. As an advanced Werewolf, you also have the chance to gain extra skills while Humans, on the other hand, can use weapons. There is a variety of different weapons to choose from. For example, there are assault weapons, pistols and grenades available in Wolf Team.

The F2P FPS offers different game modes. In the Death match mode, the teams have to kill as many enemies as possible. Whatever team shoots more enemies in the given time wins. In the so-called Destruction mode, one team has to plant bombs while the other must defend the bomb sites and defuse the bombs. Another mode is called Ice Hold. Here the objective is to kill every member of the opposing team.

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