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Dizzel is a free to play action packed team based shooter MMO in which you can enjoy fierce and bloody battles in detailed maps over a variety of different game modes. The game requires teamwork, strategy and skill, if you intend to be victorious in battle and raise positions in the leaderboard.


Several game modes

Multiple maps of all sizes and sizes

Action skills and cover mechanics

Buy equipment and weapons to create different loadouts

PvP Leaderboard

Create or join clans



Dizzel goes beyond fast-paced PVP shooter combat, the speed at which players maneuver across the battlefields, kill each other with brutal executions and then jump back into the game creates a constant stream of high octane fun. Using classic shooter mechanics or up close and brutal melee weapons and grenades the kills come quick and easy in the game, players gaining power up achievements as they go on combo rampage kills, but with quick respawn rates players are back in the game in no time.


Players have the ability to use fatalities, brutal and breathtaking executions that give the coup de grace to your enemies before their teammates can revive them. When the bullets fly it is important to protect yourself with a good coverage, so players can use the environment to protect themselves, from where they can shoot accurately, or simply shoot the weapon over the cover and release bursts of bullets.


In the game you can enjoy several game modes, join the rooms created by other players or create our own rooms in which we can choose between several options, from game length's to required kills for victory.

Team Deathmatch - Fast and brutal, to win in this game mode your team have to reach a certain number of kills.

Annihilation - Teams take turns to control lethal sentinels, impressive war machines, with those they'll have to hunt down the opposing team, which will try to survive using all the means at its disposal.

Predator – One player is chosen randomly to become the Boss, which increases his speed and attributes, as well as providing him with a huge sword with which he is going to slice and dice the other players.


There are a wide variety of maps available, from smaller more enclosed areas suitable for lower team numbers, to large maps for a full roster. Ranging from military compounds, underground facilities, old cities to a cathedral and battleship, the maps offer up different tactics and challenges as well as certain maps being geared towards particular game modes.


As players get game currency they can be equipped with a huge variety of weapons and items, shotguns, rifles, deadly melee weapons, grenades, etc… players have to choose their equipment, which will determine their in game options and playstyle . Players can also rent gear temporarily to try it before they decide to buy them definitively.

As well as gear players are also able to unlock various skills that they can equip their character with to give them added bonuses when in battle, skills such as Shield Increase that increases a players defenses when activated, Damage Increase which increases all output damage by 1.5x or the deadly Enhance Rifle which allows players to trade out precision with the added recoil but allows for instant kills.


The game is a competitive MMOFPS where players compete against each other for position and rank, based off the player with the most EXP, best K/D ratio or the number of Wins they have under their belt.

Players are able to create their own clan or apply to one that has already been made, together players can work for ranked position as they compete against each other in Clan Wars to show who the best Clan in the game is.

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