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Zentia F2P

Zentia is a f2p MMORPG game which features a hilarious comic book 3D style, unique characters, and a unique social leveling feature that requires the entire community to work togetherin order to open higher level game content. Highlighted features of the game include multi-player mounts (the largest mounts can enter combat with up to ten players on their backs) and extensive collectable pets (approximately 50% of all mobs in the game can be captured and trained).

After recovering from the godly battle, Supremor saw that the mortal plane was still a mess and Mortalor was nowhere to be found. The arrival of Mortalor’s 22 chosen was the icing on the cake. Enraged, he revoked their immortal status and told them in no uncertain terms that unless they cleaned up every single Demon dropping, there would be no access to immortality anymore, no hope for the future of humanity, and no dessert before bedtime.

Thus begins the trials and adventures of twenty-two everyday heroes, chosen by the Immortal Lords to save mankind’s butts from the threat of tons of ornery Demon weasels and other nasty things.

The pets

Pets like mounts, add a very collectable aspect to game play. Each one, like mounts, can be skill leveled to give the player’s character a stat boost or buff. Pets are key to autopathing as well – just summon your pet, choose a destination, tell your pet to lead the way and there you go! Pets can even talk to their owners, often making some very silly comments.


The Maiden Fair, The Wanderer, The Sage, The Precocious Child, The Divine Child, The Village Elder, The Guardian, The Crone, The Trickster, The Young Prince, The Apprentice, The Daring Merchant, The Mentor, The Librarian, The Courtier, The Tomboy, The Flower Child, The Traveler, The Scholar, The Hunter, The Lucky Tiger, The Curious Child.

The talismans

Each class has a unique Talisman that adds buffs and stat boosts to the player’s character and adds to the main ability of the class. Each Talisman can be refined with magic stones that will increase its abilities. There is no need to say that these magic stones are highly regarded commodities!

Your Mounts

The mount is primarily used for traveling about the world and fighting dangerous creatures. Every mount has its own specialty: some are better at running while others are good at fighting. They also improve characters’ attributes, making them more powerful. Mounts come in Single Mount and Mass Mount forms and sizes, with terrestrial, aquatic, and amphibious varieties.


Zentia has a multitude of quests! Players may find themselves in lush forests, fighting a demon insect horde, in dark tombs, battling the undead, or in battle, fighting hundreds of warriors! Although there is a main quest line that tells the story of Zentia, the player’s quest for immortality and the fate of the world, there are hundreds of other quests to do as well, including instances and repeatable quests.

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