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Street racers features racing in a browser from a management point of view, race against your friends and other players in this complete game, you can get new cars, race, upgrade your car, and get some temporal boosts to beat other racers, make a name in the streets and expand your garage by buying new and shiny cars, that will require you to win a huge amount of cash though.


- Racing MMO
- Classes: Racer, Forcer and Mechanic
- 3D car models and real parts included
- Wide array of cars and accesories
- Player progression through skills
- Tournaments and races to race in
- Clubs system to join your friends or like-minded players and fight against other clubs
- Includes English, Polish, Latvian and Lithuanian languages
- Completely free

Players start from scratch, they will have to earn money, improve their car, eventually getting new and better ones, and to do so they will have to compete and win races and tournaments, as they progress the rewards will be higher and they will earn more money and experience to further improve their character and cars, there is also a stat called notoriety which will make you stand out from the rest, there is a general ladder where all players will show up so everybody can check others' information.

The game features several cars and parts based on real information, they can upgrade their cars with new and better parts and get new cars to expand their garage. They can also improve their character by spending the XP points earned at the racer's school or train themselves to repair parts and be hired by other players for their services, which is another income source.

Pvp is the heart of the game having players race with each other all the time, there are races, tournaments, grand tournaments, cups and flags, all types of content are ready for players to test their driving skills in this complete game.

The high end content of the game comes with clubs, a bunch of players can gather in a club, which is the equivalent of a clan in any other mmo, clubs have special content tailored for them, including clubs competing against each other to see which one is the best. As the club gains levels all members will gain access to new and special content.

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