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Affected Zone Tactics F2P


Free-to-play turn-based MMORTS


Windows, Mac and Linux


Light Vision Interactive


The game takes place in a single world unveiled technology for teleportation, where players will need to become mercenaries and fighting between them in PvP battles for teams in which the objective is to capture control points. Affected Zone Tactics is a completely free game which is played with an isometric perspective; in the game we will strive in strategic battles shift, in which climb level, unlock team and help our mercenaries to retrieve a powerful source of energy that can make them rich and famous.


Four mercenary classes
Twelve unique specializations
Customize the gear and the skills of your mercenaries
Strategic PvP team based battles
Turn-based strategy
Capture control points
Completely free-to-play
Cross-platform game


The game is set in a world where a groups of scientists working on Nikola Tesla's research had managed to discover how to build a huge teleporter portal which is capable of transporting explorers to a new parallel world, planet or somewhere else; in this place a new energy source was found, the blue cristal named Telarium; for this reason settlers, adventurers, scientists and soldiers made their way through the portal by the thousands to seek out their fortune. But this land has becomed a violent warzone where greedy corporations, hired mercenaries, gangs of organized criminals and the original settlers now horribly mutated all fight each other to control this valuable resource.


In the game players control one or more mercenaries in a squad and go head to head against another team. The battles are turn based, and in each turn each player has a certain number of action points that they can use to perform manoeuvres with their mercenaries, whether moving, taking cover or making attacks. Units can perform a number of basic actions such as running, which takes up more actions, going prone, hiding behind various terrain features, or firing at visible enemy targets and hurling grenades. Each mercenary has its own health bar and so taking cover and moving with caution is important when trying to outmanoeuvre the enemy. The objective in each battle is to capture 5 flags scattered across the map, because the captured flags gives points every turn and the first team to reach 5000 points or eliminate all the enemy team, is the winner.


In the game there are 4 different types of mercenaries, which can be subdivided into 12 specializations which give them access to skills, equipment and unique combat tactics, that define their playstyle. As players level up their mercenaries in matches they increase their accounts Military Rank which opens up new options, research can be invested to upgrade a wide array of weapons from pistols, automatic weapons, grenades and more; upgrading the mercenaries individual rank to help them perform better in battle. Most weapons are bought with earned player currency acquired from competing in matches, however the game does have some premium options and where players can purchase certain items and weaponry to give them the edge in battle.


The game features a unique line of sight mechanic; players can only see the enemy mercenaries if they have direct line of sight, so using cover and flanking the enemy keeps players' mercenaries hidden. Players can throw grenades at positions on their turn if they feel an enemy unit may be there, trying to guess the positioning of the enemy relative to the map they are currently playing. Lying in wait and creating ambushes for unsuspecting enemy units moving through an excellent way to dominate a team, but using other tactics such as long ranged snipes to deal heavy amount of damage open up a lot of strategy.



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