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Swordsman is a free MMORPG based upon “The Proud Smiling Wanderer” by Louis Cha, which is very popular in China, and takes the players to the ancient china where they will join a martial arts school and follow a deep and rich quest line while fighting members of other schools.

- Battle in PVP against players or AI
- Master your skill combos with real time combat
- 10 different martial arts schools, each with their own skills
- Create your own Guild or join one
- Deep level of character customization

There is a long story arc that players will be able to uncover as they play the game which will expand on the story of the Exorcist Swordsmanship Manual, as well as individual plots revolving each school and also various missions and quests that can be found throughout the world. Players will travel to various locations, from distant mountains, ancient caves and ruins to bustling cities including some famous locales like Fu Giu City, the Shaolin Temple and thend the Wu-Tang Mountains. During their adventures players will come across a number of different characters seeking help all looking to stop the player in their search.

One of the biggest features in the game is the ability to create or join player Guilds, more than a title above players head they offer a completely new experience. Players in a Guild will be able to participate in unique events that will occur across the world, such as murder mysteries that send them looking for clues or being charged to defend and protect key VIPs are going head-to-head against rival clans. Guilds can build their base granting bonuses to all members and even fight for territory against other guilds.

The Righteous Schools – The traditional schools; E'mei, Wu-Tang and the Shaolin

The Orthadox Schools – The Five Great Mountains Alliance made up of the Splendor School, Harmony School, Infinity School, Majesty School (unplayable) and Eminence School (unplayable)

The Unorthadox Schools - The Sun and Moon Cult and the Five Venoms Cult have been in decade-long wars against their rival clans

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