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Free to play Mu Online allows players to step into the shoes of a rising hero on the fantasy continent of Mu, a land wracked with evil and magic that threatens the innocent people of the land, as a hero it is your job to keep them safe and vanquish such enemies. A complete MMORPG the game features extensive PVP and PVE content, elements of crafting, pets, guilds and other features you would expect in an MMORPG including a rich backstory forged over thirteen years since the game's release.


- Eight powerful player classes to choose from
- Build up your hero and obtain powerful gear
- Complete quests and uncover the deep story of Mu
- Take on PVE events solo or with friends
- Battle against other players in PVP
- 100% F2P


The land of Mu stands under threat from the Ancient Devil Kundun, awoken from his eternal sleep by the ambitious and foolish Lord Antonias, this malevolent being now walks among the world corrupting and defiling all with his touch. This time was prophesised as Nightmare Day, and it has truly come to pass. Now the only way return Kundun to his slumber is to restore the Seal of Etramu that had kept him from the world; but the seal has been shattered into eight pieces and scattered across the land… without it Mu will be forever held in an eternal nightmare of Kundun's making.


Mu Online plays like many traditional MMORPGs, using top down isometric 3D graphics the game has retained its old school charm with both its look and gameplay, but has had many upgrades and improvements over the years since its release to keep it fresh. With large seasonal updates the game continues to grow with new content being added in the form of new regions, items and systems.

In the game players will level up their own hero character, explore the world to complete quests, acquire gear to improve their stats as well as unlocking new skills so that they can face even greater threats.


There are 8 classes in Mu Online; when starting out there are three base classes that can be chosen: Dark Knight, Fairy Elf and Dark Wizard, these three cover the basics of melee fighter, ranged support and elemental caster and have a unique playstyle. Each class has its very own skills and abilities as well as unique gear that most other classes cannot use.

When players reach some high key level milestones (150 and 250) they will unlock other playable classes that they can now choose to create a character as, as well as this when classes reach a certain level they can evolve into a more improved version. The extra classes that can be unlocked are Rage Fighter, Magic Gladiator, Grow Lancer, Dark Lord and Summoner.


The game focuses on a lot of PVE combat as standard when exploring the various regions and new areas added with each Season, these are typically navigated with quests and battling through dungeon style areas. Various events are triggered throughout the day that give the players a chance to take on the most challenging content, seeking out bosses around the world in return for treasures.


Equally important to the game is PVP and players will find a variety of PVP events and features that they can participate in depending on what type of combat they like, ranging from duels, faction battles, open world PVP and guild wars. With open world PVP the game has implemented a system that potentially punishes those players that prey on the weak and innocent and will turn these types into Outlaws to be hunted down by other players; death as an Outlaw is fittingly harsh as the player drops items and can even lose XP.

Larger scale PVP comes in the form of Castle Siege events where each week a guild that controls the games' castle must defend it from other attackers in all out warfare, alternatively players can join a Faction in the Gens System and battle for faction points to climb the rank ladder and gain promotion.


Operating System: Windows XP and above
Processor: Pentium 2.8HZ
Memory: 2G
Hard Drive Space: 6GB
Graphics: Radeon/ Geforce 6x00 or higher

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