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Age of civilization F2P

Age of Civilization is a management game where players get to build up huge Empires, gather an army and recruit heroes to march on and defeat their foes, the game has 3d graphics and runs on a browser.

- Build and expand your Empire
- Build structures and upgrade them to gain access to new units and features
- Recruit a variety of heroes and let them lead your troops into battle
- Delve into dungeons and find treasure
- Fight awesome world bosses
- Completely free

They come in 3 different versions: Infantry, Cavalry and Archer. Infantry have a lot of HP and high defences, Archers are weaker defensively but hit hard with a high attack rating and Cavalry have a considerably faster movement speed than the other units. Each unit is led by an appropriate type of hero that is able to lead that type of unit.

Heroes are the key to win, recruiting the proper ones and using them properly lead to victory, each hero comes with unique attributes that determine how they perform and how they must be played. These attributes vary drastically depending on the type of hero and increase over time as they level up.

There is a wide array of heroes to pick from split down into different types like the troops they lead, you can then gear them up further customizing them, which leads to a deep complexity level.

City Hall - allows to levy the populous and to get resources from them
Dwellings - where your populous lives and earns you silver
Tavern – where you recruit heroes, upgrading it increases the quality of the heroes

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