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Unlimited Ninja is an mmorpg based on the franchise Naruto and allows players to step into this world as a skilled ninja warrior, progressing through the game and unlocking the wider story arc by successfully completing quests and battling enemy ninja.

- Play in the world of Naruto
- Choose from three different Ninja classes
- Adventure across the world completing quests
- Increase your skills and earn new equipment to improve your battle rating
- Complete daily challenges for rewards
- Battle against other players in the arena
- Completely free to play
- Browser-based

Ninjitsu (Female) - she has a keen understanding of all forms of Ninjitsu
Genjutsu (Male) –good at discovering forbidden techniques and has an immortal body
Ninjitsu (Male) – he has a unique understanding of Ninjitsu has given him the name Duo Devil
Genjutsu (Female) - extremely talented and studious
Taijutsu (Female) - she has a complete knowledge of Taijutsu
Taijutsu (Male) – an extremely talented Taitjutsu martial artist it is his biggest passion in life

The game has a rich storyline where players must progress and meet new NPC's that are found across the world and slowly level up your characters and Ninja martial artists as you improve your team. Gaining XP for completing missions and defeating enemies will level up characters whilst completing events and tasks will enable players to unlock new items, accessories and gear as well as silver and coupons and other items to better equip the team.

Most of the gameplay is automated, everything from clicking a link in the quest log to auto run to the quest locations or required NPC allows players to enjoy the interesting bits straight forward. Once their combat is also automated and players' characters will perform the same combat attacks in order, as will the NPC's that they face, and players continue to progress through the game until they reach an enemy they cannot defeat (if you do not defeat the enemy on the first attempt then no amount of re-tries will change the outcome as all fighters in the battle will perform exactly the same attacks in the same order each attempt). This gated gameplay requires players to then level up their characters or improve their gear before they can progress.

Players will be able to put up a team to face danger with a wider array of options. Each team mate has different stats that will contribute to their battle point rating, which includes gear and also the character level and their stats including their force, speed, damage rate, crit rate and more.

Players have a limited number of characters they can have at any given time and they have the option of either retiring one of the Ninja or spending gold (which costs in game premium currency) to add a new character slot, providing the player has attained a high enough VIP level.

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