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Stormfall : Age of war F2P

In Stormfall: Age of War players become Lords who are starting their career so they pretty much start from scratch, they must develop and improve their castles and fight against other lordsk. The game runs on a browser so it's playable pretty much everywhere.

- Strategic and tactical gameplay
- Improve your castle to defend yourself
- Gather an army to lay siege to your enemies and defend your land
- Gain resources and construct buildings
- Compete online against other players or make allies
- Acquire what your Empire needs through diplomacy, trade and conquest
- Free to play on your browser

Build and upgrade your very own castle, making it hard for enemies to pass through by building specific structures or upgrading the current ones. Within its walls you will be able to micro manage pretty much everything.

You will have to progress in order to unlock new and powerful buildings you will have to use the lost arts to discover them, it consist of a myriad of scrolls and knowledge and players can pay the scribes to retrieve that information for them.

Some Lords prefer gathering a huge army and battle their way to domination and control, others prefer using diplomacy and gain allies and chossing specific key targets. In both cases an army is important even to use it only for defence.

There is a protection for less-than-3-days players but after that, you can be vanquished so building up defences and gathering a good army is one of the first things you want to do.

There are three main resources in the game and they are all used in different ways, construct buildings, hire troops or getting new scrolls from the lost arts are just some options. They are commonly gathered from buildings.

When attacking an enemy fortress if those buildings are successfully raided you will get resources out of them so it's key to protect them if you want to keep growing.

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