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Scarlet Blade is a stylish, breathtaking new MMORPG telling a unique, compelling story against the backdrop of a vibrant fantasy world tinged with sci-fi elements, it offers players the chance to control sultry vixens with the fate of world on their shoulders. Explore the breathtaking world, follow the intriguing storyline, transform yourself in a powerful mech and fight your way with the fast-paced action combat in this epic story-driven MMORPG. And if you are still not satisfied the game feature a huge PvP system with large scale battles against player from all over the world.

- Use the power of your unstoppable battle-mech
- Explore a rich and detailed game world
- All-female character cast
- Full-scale PvP combat
- Dynamic Open PvP Zone

Scarlet Blade's curvaceous cast of all-female playable characters is as tantalizing as they come, thanks to their genetic engineering. Voluptuous, alluring, and always ready to fight, these stunning warriors are guaranteed to get the heart racing one way or another.

For short bursts of unmatched power, players can pilot a massive mech to take the battle to the next level. When active, these mechs give access to brand-new combat abilities and vastly improved strength—but they power down after a limited time.

Numerous player vs. player modes appeal to the fighting spirit within every competitive gamer. 50v50 and 80v80 battlegrounds offer tense, strategic combat between coordinated teams while capturing the feeling of epic armies clashing on an unbelievable large scale battle.

The bloodshed spills over into the open world with a massive zone dedicated to an unending, objective-based PvP war. Opposing factions fight for control of this zone, which is in a constant state of flux. Players can affect the tide of battle by accomplishing key objectives and, of course, slaughtering the opposition.

Every environment is bursting with creative and painstaking detail. Travel through musty mushroom forests, haunted mines, abandoned laboratories, magma-filled volcanic caverns, and frozen wastes patrolled by beasts hundreds of stories high.

Without warning and woefully underprepared, mankind has buckled under the sudden assault of mysterious and merciless invaders from beyond. Their last hope to take back the world rests in their secret weapon: genetically engineered female soldiers with the strength to stand up and fight for humanity. The powerful women of Scarlet Blade are improved in both body and skill, rising up to battle vicious and terrifying foes in foreboding dungeons.

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