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Allods Online is a free mmorpg, set in the fantasy space opera universe of Sarnaut and features state of the art graphics by top award-winning artists and a cinematic soundtrack by Mark Morgan (Dexter, Fallout 1 & 2, Planescape: Torment). One of the largest and most comprehensive MMORPGs ever created, featuring a vast and gorgeously realized world, astral space exploration, and flying ships which can be crewed by multiple parties to explore new realms and pillage other astral travelers.


It’s made up of floating islands called allods. Players can explore this randomly-generated space on player-built ships with crews of up to dozens of players. Each crewmember has a distinct role on the aboard, from navigator to helmsman, to even Captain. Players can discover massive treasure troves, battle Astral Demons even larger than entire ships, or even fend off other players who have decided to embrace a life of piracy.


RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 3 GB Free
CPU: 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 or better.
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 9600+ VGA Card
OS: Windows XP / Vista


- Kanians
In ancient times, the Kanians form up from a strategic union of tribes after defeating the Orcs. From the very beginning of the settlement of Kania, the founding principles of the kingdom were a free state for all. This reflected its social order.

- Gibberlings
The Gibberlings are small, funny, furry and rational creatures that once inhabited a separate continent on Sarnaut. Called “Isa”, it was significantly smaller than Yul. Their natural enemies were tribes of wild Orcs and the severe northern environment.

- Elves
Elves are the most ancient of all the races on Sarnaut. Throughout their history, have gone through many stages of development. They were the only wise inhabitants on the planet once and have watched the other races' raising. They were also the first to form a state, and first to understand and master magic.


- Orcs
The Orcs are a walking natural disaster, capable of destroying anything that gets in their way. If they could organise themselves and unite under a strong leader who could be as respected as the Ancient Heroes, the Orcs could even rule the world.

- Arisen
The Arisen are strange and alien to the world of Sarnaut. They have returned two thousand years after their deaths. Destiny has granted them immortality to ensure that the future of the world will belong to them.

- Xadaganians
The Xadaganians are a perfectly balanced military machine, always ready to fight, its main objective: Astral domination. A fighting machine which is constantly upgrading itself, with the parts that make up its armed forces perfectly matched. Only a miracle can save an enemy who is facing the full force of a Xadaganian attack from inevitable destruction.

Key features

The game features an unprecedented level of detail, 2 warring factions, 6 races, 8 archetypes, 28 classes, hundreds of skills, and over 1,500 quests. All animations are motion captured, and the Allods 3D game engine was developed entirely in-house. An immense amount of content is featured in the game: raiding and dungeon instances, pets, balanced PvP, a crafting system designed as mini-games, dozens of astral islands (Allods), and numerous other features. The story spans a series of games published over 11 years beginning with Rage of Mages, featuring a background history remarkable in its complexity and depth.

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