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Free-to-play Space MMO


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DarkOrbit Reloaded is a browser space themed shooter where players command a ship working for one of three major space piloting companies (Mars Mining Operations, Earth Industries Corporation and Venus Resources Unlimited), exploring, mining, and conquering many different galaxies. It features 11 different configurable ship types, real-time encounters with other players, and lots of PvE content. Dark Orbit Reloaded can be played through your web browser, however, with its new 3D engine upgrade players that have low spec computers are still able to play in the original 2D mode.


Graphics improved with a new 3D graphics engine
Eleven different ships
Fight against other players or AI controlled aliens
Gather resources, trade them or use them to craft items
Builds ships and modifications
Various PvP and PvE modes
Completely free-to-play
Browser game


In the game, our goal is to complete missions for our faction/company in which we will have to fight against all kinds of enemies and overcome numerous challenges, participate in events, and fight against other players in fierce PvP battles. In the game you can build or improve your ships through the use of credits and resources; each ship has a different playstyle and we can customize them with different components, such as engines, shields, and weapons.


The game has received a great graphic improvement that has also improved its performance, has dropped its load times, and has made it more stable, which makes the gaming experience that offers much better. The new graphics engine allows us to enjoy the game in a detailed 3D that gives much more immersive experience whilst still retaining the traditional gameplay elements that make the game so successful. For those players who may be on lower end gaming rigs the game can still be played in the original 2D mode if their system struggles with the update.


Players can choose between 11 different ships, which can be unlocked using the credits or Uridium (the game Premium currency). Each ship has its own attributes of speed, resistance or firepower, among others, which allows us to find our favorite playstyle.

When players choose a ship they can customize it with numerous items and components to improve it, such as lasers, engine boosts or shield generators. In addition players can improve these items in the Skylab, a structure that refines the minerals that the players collect in their travels to improve the weapons and modifications of their ships. They can also improve the Skylab to make it more efficient.

Players can also collect disk-logs that, when enough have been gathered, are converted into Pilot Points that allow players to customize their actual character (not their ship) by unlocking various new skills in the skill tree. Players have a total of 50 Pilot Points that they can collect and disk-logs drop from various locations such as killing world bosses, but can also be purchased with Uridium that has been acquired in game or bought with real cash.


The game features several game PvP modes, including:

Team Deathmatch - These battles pits companies in timed battles, in which the goal is to get the highest score.

Sector Control - In this unique map players of various companies fight for control of various areas to claim victory.

Scoremageddon - In this mode players have 5 lives and have to eliminate as many players as possible (that includes everyone on the server); players who get chained deaths will get more points, and those who get more points will receive great rewards.


The game features several PvE events, for example:

Invasion Gate - This event for companies opens a portal in the middle of the map, and the objective is to kill the greatest number of enemies who come by the portal.

Infiltration - In this mode players will have to find alien commandos hidden in different zones and kill them to get great rewards.


Web browsers

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