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Cast & Conquer is a free to play Card Collecting Game published by R2Games with classic MMO features and elements that allow players to build their own decks and compete in PVE and PVP against challenging AI or real-world players. With various classes available and different play style opportunities players can progress through a story driven campaign or work towards becoming the ultimate Champion. The game is accessible through mobile devices, including Android and iOS platforms and allows cross platform gameplay. Play on IOS and Android devices.


- A wide selection of cards to build up your own deck
- Play through a story driven single player campaign mode
- Fight other players in one-on-one duels
- Build up your own city and unlock new features
- Fight with other players at your side in cooperative battles
- Completely free to play


Cast & Conquer is a typical CCG with a variety of MMO based features such as in game chat, questing, acquisition of gear and the ability to level up your character. Primarily players will focus on unlocking new cards to build up their army, ranging from various unit cards to particular spells and abilities that will offer different functions in combat. Players will also be able to unlock the key buildings in their own city that will give them access to different features and open up more gameplay options.


The basics of combat consist of players taking turns to place down cards onto the battlefield, one or more horizontal lines that link the two player generals who must be defended at all costs. Players can place down a variety of unit cards that will advance across the battlefield automatically towards the enemy general and automatically attack any units that stand in their way on their turn.

Some of the various units available are:

Soldier Units - Soldier units are the basic unit and have strong physical attacks, able to attack enemies within two squares they will prioritise any adjacent enemies that are at their rear, even if not on the same row as them

Armored Units - Armoured units are resistant to physical damage and act as shields for a players' army able to defend weaker troops

Bow Units - these ranged units are able to take down enemies from a distance without putting themselves within range of melee attackers, which they are particularly vulnerable to

Flying Units - these airborne units are able to fly over the top of ground units, making them particularly challenging and effective at reaching backline defenders and generals

Players are also able to use a variety of spells and abilities that will boost, buff and heal their allies as well as hindering enemies. In battle players are able to tap enemy units to bring up their card and get their full details including their attack, health and any abilities that they may have.


With a huge selection of cards available the skill and strategy for a player comes in deciding which cards from their entire collection that they will choose to put in their deck, the individual army of units that is taken into battle. Players must strategise on what combination of units, spells and abilities to make up their deck as the order in which they are drawn in battle is completely random and so players must quickly be able to change up their tactics depending on the available cards.

As players gain levels so too does the size of their Deck increase, starting out small so that players can get used to combat without being overwhelmed by the number of available cards, for every five levels that a player rises their own deck capacity will also allow an extra five cards. They can acquire new cards to fill these decks either through completing PvE content such as the campaign or typically purchasing card packs in the game store using in game premium currency.

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