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Ancient Summoner F2P

Ancient summoner is a free online game that runs on a browser and mixes RPG and TCG elements to create a pretty unique genre where both card collectors and role players will have fun playing together, you get to build your own deck from hundreds of cards which are obtained in several different ways, the card battles can involve up to 4vs4. Cards can be combined and there are other mechanics that add a tactical layer on top of the classic features.

- Build up your deck
- Develop your hero, get gear and tweak it to beat powerful enemies
- PvE or PvP battles with or against friends.
- High quality artwork on each card.
- RPG elements such as hero progression and deep story arc.
- Constant events on the server.
- Completely free.

Some of the RPG elements we mentioned early cover the quests and rewards mechanic, where players face AI opponents to complete specific goals and get reward in return, there is also experience gain involved in this type of content, which helps developing the hero.

To avoid boredom and grinding, the game features events throughout the year so players can get involved and do something different for a change. There is a huge variety on what players can do, but it usually consists on cooperative content against AI that lasts for some days, some events are even unique and will never happen again.

The first you get to do once you're in combat is building up your army, you can do so by using the cards in your deck, they have a countdown on them so they're not used instantly, being this the core of the tactical part of the game.

The units found in the cards have their stats, such as health, attack, and some of them have unique traits and limits, making more complex the process of deploying the units on the battlefield. The pace of the game consist in deploying, attacking and killing, when the units reach 0 health go to the graveyard. Your hero can be attacked as well and if he reaches 0 hit points the battle is over and you've lost.

Cards come in different flavours, they go from Common to Godlike and have stars indicating this rank, players earn cards from different sources, winning battles, purchasing them in the auction house and more.

Players can engage in fun and engaging battles with their friends against the AI or other players, there are competitive ladders and extra rewards for difficult content.

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