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Luna Plus is free MMORPG that stands out in the MMO crowd because of the game's focus on socializing and also its in depth class system which allows a player to progress through forty potential classes. Of course, there is more to this anime inspired cute looking game but is it really good enough for the hardcore gaming fan? Let's find out!

Races and Classes

There are two races Elves and humans. Each race starts with three base classes and the very first sub-class option unlocks at level 20. The depth of this class system is also apparent in how each class holds different properties for both elves and humans.

Fighter – Human warriors are best at dealing damage while elves take a more aggressive yet defensive stance. As a fighter you can choose to be defensive or offensive and that is what defines the later path.

Rogue – like rogues in many other games, both human and elf rogues in Luna depend on speed and stealth. Rouges can progress and become deadly ranged damage dealing archers or stealthy close combat DPS.

Mage – Human mages turn darkness into light and light into darkness. The Elven mage can deal great amounts of damage. Overall as you progress there will be three types of mage; offensive, healer and buff.

With cute and bright anime graphics, many MMO enthusiasts would find it hard to consider Luna Plus a serious game to play. However, once you will get to know the class tree and progression system, you will find Luna Plus well beyond the level of most serious looking games around. The general gameplay is about two things, socializing using the games in-built systems and developing your character through the vivid job tree.

As the game starts, the very first thing you'll notice in the character customization screen will be your avatar that looks more like a cute little kid. Character customization is pretty generic in Luna. You get to choose race and classes and a few hairstyles. Whatever you do, your character will remain a cutie.

You can fight other players but that wont yield any reward nor will you lose anything except HP and MP. The only thing that makes it a bit exciting is the PK option on some of the maps.

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