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Shards of the Dreams F2P

Shards of the Dreams is a f2p mmo browser game with Isometric view known for ultima online in which players can complete dungeon campaigns (single and groups up to 5 players). It features various on complexity and gameplay quests, unique abilities, trading, auction, in-game mail, trees of talents, resources gathering, item crafting, clan and team forming, arena (contractual pvp fights), reputation development and different fractions.

- Unique game engine and gameplay
- Free to play realm time fantasy RPG
- Based on the client-server architecture
- 8 character classes and 2 fractions
- Minimal requirements for the client
- Different races
- PVP and clan system
- More than 200 challenging quests
- Group forming for strong monsters killing
- Huge and diverse game world


You step into the center of the room formed by collapsed walls, and approach the altar. The Altar has not been withered by time, and pictures and runes can be clearly seen on it. Quite possibly that there is a mystery involved here, but upon further inspection you did not find anything. By checking the altar closely once more, you discover that runes and drawings form an intricate pattern. You suddenly realize how to get into the dungeon that hides its secrets. Undiscovered secrets of Shards of the Dreams, that awaits you…


Game begins with small training for about 5 minutes. After passing the training the character receives 2nd level and gets to the Valley of Mists. The Valley of Mists is “sandbox” where new player is learning the game rules and basis. Designed for characters level 2-9.

On 10 level achievement and completion of special set of quests, the player have to make a choice of the fraction (side) and pass to the territory of this fraction: Grey Wasteland or Great Empire; designed for 10 and above levels, and physically separated from the territory of the other fraction. Both unique tasks and quests to this fraction, and general tasks for all fractions are accessible there. There is a possibility to get to the neutral maps, available for visiting to both fractions, and having fun in the open PvE or PvP zones.

Online store, money

Through the digital store, with real money, you can upgrade some features.

- Convenient revival on spot
- Temporary improvements of parameters
- Clans (creation/improvement)
- Possibility of purchasing for game currency almost any item through auction
- Exchange of real money for game currency
- Unique avatars, etc.
- Improvements, special items (weapon, equipment, etc.)

- Additional possibilities in gameplay

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