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In Astro Lords: Oort Cloud players embody an Astro Lord, a commander in charge of governing its own asteroid in the distant Oort Nebula , where they'll have to seek ancient relics, collect minerals, and get the resources needed to maintain their base. This strategic browser MMO is completely free-to-play, and in it you will face players from around the world, in addition to the AI controlled enemies. The game does not need any downloads, and can be played directly from any browser, both from PC and Mac, as well as to be able to be downloaded as an application for iOS and Android devices.


Strategic spacial MMO
Manage your own asteroid
Build your own military base
Train a powerful army to defend yourself and annihilate your enemies
Fight against the advanced AI
Use the trade, the diplomacy, the espionage and the war against other Astro Lords
Real time combat
Browser MMO compatible with various mobile devices


When an asteroid approached too much the Earth, the scientists sent research probes that landed on the surface of the asteroid, and what they discovered something that changed forever the future of the humanity, leading to a new era of technology. The probes found some ancient artifacts known as Runes, which were powerful sources of energy created by an unknown an ancient alien race.

With these runes, the scientists discovered a way to travel through space, allowing them to explore the solar system, and even reach the Oort Nebula, which seemed to be the source of the asteroid. The humans headed deeper the Oort Nebula, and quickly became the site of many expeditions as huge conglomerates for amongst themselves to gain a monopoly on the valuable Runes. Wars broke out, those rich enough to own their own spaceship declared independence and many declared themselves Lords of the asteroids within the cloud, building up their own mining operations and military bases to exploit the resources and Runes within the Oort Nebula.


Each Astro Lord is in charge of his own asteroid, which is its initial base and the source of its initial resources. They will have to improve its base building all kinds of facilities and factories, and defend it training a futuristic army. The main objective of the game is to conquer as much territory as possible and assault the bases of rival Astro Lords to steal their resources; players can control up to five separate asteroids as well as its initial asteroid. The main asteroid of every player cannot be conquered, but players are able to conquer any extra asteroids a player may have acquired.


The entire game is based on the Oort Nebula, each Astro Lord controls one or more asteroids and once they are established they'll have to establish trade and diplomatic relations with other players, or declare wars if necessary. When a Star Lord level up he is going to unlock new abilities, such as to move the asteroid's location, conquer rich asteroids get protections to defend themselves against other aggressive Astro Lords, or gain the ability to stealthily attack enemy asteroids. The Nebula is not only full of other Astro Lords, but it is also inhabited by aggressive AI controlled aliens who are not happy with the humans who are stealing their artifacts, and minerals.


Players have the option of fight in exciting PvP battles against other players in the Arena, and attack other players' asteroids to plunder their resources, and may even conquer their secondary asteroids. Players can actively fight in the battles, controlling one of its six ships, allowing even that other players controls the other five ships; they can leave the AI Generals to do the fighting for them. Each Astro Lord has control of up to 6 in game hero AI generals, who are able to progress, acquire new skills and level up as well as being given access to their own ship. The ships are fully customisable with armour all, weapons, armour, officers, artefacts and of course Runes.

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