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Auto Club Revolution F2P

Auto Club Revolution is a free to play online racing game and car community all in one featuring real cars, real tracks and real upgrades as it contains officially licensed cars from over 30 of the world's leading motor manufacturers and 80 upgrade manufacturers plus a console-quality racing experience, all built on top of a social platform for owning, customizing and enjoying cars. Players can create a collection of officially licensed cars, customize, upgrade and take them on the track to race.


Time Trial mode allows players to set personal best lap times and post them to their profile as well as to public leaderboards. Single player mode is extended through an array of personal achievments and challenges that are generated for every player and that assist them in the discovery of game features and provide a wide variety of in-game content.


Multiplayer races begin in the Race Hangout, where players meet to find and create lobbies. Races support between two and eight players and opponents can be found by either inviting friends or other players in the Race Hangout, or through automated Match-Making. There is a special multiplayer racing mode, called Eliminator, in which the player in last place at the end of every 60 seconds is eliminated until only one player remains, who happens to be the winner.


The Auto Club Revolution experience is split across the website and the downloadable ACR Racing Application. The premium quality racing experience is delivered through the Racing App while rest of activities happens on the website. This means that you're able to login to your Auto Club Revolution account whenever and wherever you like to use the website features, even if you don't have the Racing App installed.


In the Workshop players can customize their cars through an entirely web-based interface which combines highly detailed 3D car models with easy-to-use tools. With complete freedom over the color and paint style of their cars and a rich set of decals, shapes, designs and paint schemes, players will be able to create a unique and personalized garage of cars.

Auto Club Revolution also has an upgrade parts shop with officially licensed parts from over eighty real-world aftermarket manufacturers including engine upgrades, turbochargers and fuel injection to brakes, gearbox and tyres, from top manufacturers such as Brembo, HKS, Borla and AC Schnitzer.

You start the game with a standard vehicle and you earn the game's currency by participating in races. With this money, you can buy parts to make the car lighter, more maneuverable, faster, etc. Once you have enough money, you can buy new cars and compete in higher categories.


Auto Club Revolution supports a range of control methods including keyboard, mouse, gamepad and steering wheel to get the most real experience out of the game. Other options include a choice of manual, automatic or-semi automatic gear changes. During races you can make use of assists to make your car easier to drive and follow dynamic racing lines around the track.

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