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Tour Golf Online is a free mmo golf simulator running on cryengine 3 to show this beautiful sport in all its glory, players will take the role of a known golf player and competing against AI and other players.

- Customisable avatars.
- Earn and buy cosmetic items .
- Several golf courses available.
- High quality graphics.
- Completely free.
- Realistic golf simulator.

The players have full control on every single shot, also there is a full list of courses, tournaments, cups and more events to keep them playing all the game, against AI and players, over time they will unlock new clubs and clothes to show off.

Using all the CryEngine 3 has to offer, the game strives to get the most realistic graphics you have ever imagined, along with complex physics makes the game one of the best simulators in the market.

From the avatar itself to what it wears everything is customizable, making each character unique from their look to the clothes and items he's carrying at any given moment, pants, shirts, headwear visors and more!

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