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BasketDudes F2P

BasketDudes is a f2p basketball MMO performing 3d graphics which brings arcade feeling into a mmo RPG with some features from trading card games. You will be leading and managing your very own basketball team and will face other players and AI controlled teams alike to ultimate become the best team.


- Action sports MMO
- TCG and RPG elements on a basketball themed game
- 3D high quality graphics on Unity3D engine
- Cross-platform on PC, Mac and Internet browser
- 70+ players that will develop over time and also are customizable

Being the manager of your own team has many perks like fully customize every single detail to your liking, train players which have their own set of stats and background story, set tactics to find the best strategy to beat other teams, everything is a click away to make your team hit the top of the ranking ladders. You will gain XP yourself to unlock some perks and features over time like players or customization options.

Your Team
The first thing you get to do once you start the game is creating your own team beginning by picking up your players from premade teams with different play styles, then you get to create the uniform, logo and name. There are easy-to-use tools to create all this and once you're done you get to see what you've created.

The Match
When it comes to the real deal, moving through the playfield is fast and intuitive and all actions you would expect can be done, passing, hooks, taunts, charges, shots, defend and even the fatigue is present. Every action performed and every minute on the court drain the players therefore lowering their performance. Managers can use cards, talents and other tricks to boost their team temporally or for specific actions.

Beginner's Division: it's a division made up from the lowest levels of each league.

WBC All-Stars Division: teams reaching level 15 enters this league where all experienced managers fight for a high position on the ladder, they all have a personal ranking which will match them against similar teams, it's a common system used in many sports and MOBA games nowadays.

The system cards allow players to get temporal boosts during matches or improvements outside of it, such as stats increase, they are earned at the end of each one, being better cards the better you've played.

They can also be used to customise different cosmetic aspects of the team or players, and are sold on the in-game store as well to make sure all players have access to it.

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