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Wild Guns is a free strategy browser mmo game where you fight against thousands of other players for control over the rich and fertile lands of the new frontier. Here you will prove your worth among countless others as you build and develop a successful settlement as any one of the three playable races; Cowboys, Indians or Mexicans. Each race having its own unique play-style, you may choose to play as the cowboys, walling yourself in as you slowly encroach upon the new world, or the Indians fighting to conquer and take command of poorly guarded resources.

When you start your adventure in the Wild West, you must gather and collect numerous valuable resources in order to build a successful settlement and develop a stable economy. Once your settlement has been properly established in the new world, you must be careful to survive and maintain control of it. Will you expand your fort and capture poorly guarded enemy positions, or stay and defend while you research new powerful weapons? Developing a well guarded base and a strong army is key to survival as countless other players are hungering over the resources pertinent to your very own survival.

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