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Luna Online: Reborn is an anime themed 3D MMORPG that is free to play, set in the fantasy realm of BlueLand players can revisit the world they experienced when the game was originally released in 2009; now adjusted and improved with new content and additional features. The game is a traditional MMORPG with plenty of combat and socially orientated features set in a style and theme suitable for younger audiences and old.


- Create 116 Classes
- Over five hundred different skills
- Play as three unique races
- 3D Graphics
- Faction and Realm vs Realm PVP
- PVE and Raids
- Build up a house or a farm
- 100% F2P


The game features three classes that players can choose from; the allied races of Elves and Humans, or the dark Majin who have been brought into the fold to help battle against the evil that rises in Blueland.

The Humans and Elves are very similar as they have access to the same three starting classes: Rogue, Fighter or Mage, though each race has their own racial traits (Humans get a crit bonus, Elves get a dodge bonus and Majin get a speed bonus). When levelling up their character there are key levels that when reached allow players to evolve their class into powerful sub-classes numerous times on their journey to max level. The available classes depend on the starting class, but also the starting race, as some sub-classes are race locked offering different options to different character types.

Majin do not have a starting class and have a linear progression with their character; at the same level milestones they will automatically evolve into their new form and attain new abilities that make them stronger. Majin are overall more versatile than the other races and their abilities have elements of the three base classes, with the Majin able to use different buffs/stances to empower certain aspects of their character.


There are a variety of PVP systems in place including open world PVP through the faction system; at character creation players choose the Red Camp or the Blue Camp, and they are locked into them and can compete against other players in open PVP zones. Alternatively players can experience Guild Sieges where they fight over a huge castle with weekly battles to see who is the best, or if seeing who is the best on your server just isn't enough then join the Realm vs Realm combat to fight with anyone in the game.


PVE questing is one of the key features of the game and players will be able to collect various quests from the different NPCs in the world, which is broken up into different level appropriate regions where the enemies in that area are around the same level range. Players can try their skills against some Raid bosses to take on the greatest PVE challenges, and in doing so may acquire various powerful loot drops in the form of gear or materials that can be used in crafting. Each player starts with the base crafting skill for making weapons and armor, or using gems to enhance their equipment to make it more powerful.


Players are able to run their own home, decorating it with various items they have acquired, they can make their own private residence for themselves and their friends. Houses can be used as Guild Halls to run your guild from, or they can be used as a farm where players can rear and tend to their livestock and help them grow!


Perhaps you don't want to spend all your time on your own and would like a little company, well there are over seventy unique pets and mounts that players can discover, from creatures to robots, and each pet can be levelled up to help you in combat!


If you want more than a pet for company then players can experience the Matchmaking system that will allow them to meet their own special someone to fall in love with, they can even get married with their own ceremony and start their little family!



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