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Black desert online is a free massive online roleplaying game with sandbox features along with a complex assets management mechanic and npc relations network. Players will be able to wander around in this open world, defeating monsters, gathering resources, crafting and selling. There are also PvP features as well as open-world dungeons.

- Pick from 3 races and 8 classes
- Minimal character limits since it's sandbox
- In-depth assets management
- Deep crafting and trading mechanics
- Customizable housing
- Wide array of both instanced and open-world dungeons
- Large-scale sieges and open-world PvP
- Realistic graphics

The game will feature two factions but since it's mainly a pve game players won't be have to pick one, the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia are their names they have completely different climate, areas and cultures compared to the other.

Currently players will be able to choose from three races, Elves, Giants and Humans, and eight races, fighter, blader, tamer, predator, sorcerer wizard, ranger and valkyre. Each one of them will have a specific role within a player-made party, there is no healer class currently and some of them are gender locked while others are free to pick male or female, there is no information about races restriction.

The game features an action combat with mouse and keyboard. They will also have skills and the usual 0-9 keys to use, this has been improved with an adaptive combo mechanic in which depending on the moment the player press a key it will affect the previous one therefore modifying the response of the target when it gets hit.

The crafting system is close to what you can usually find in any other mmo game with some additions, since in this game there is the capability of building castles and houses, the crafting also covers that as well, from the outside to the interior of them, furniture and more. Players will be able to specialize in 5 different branches, armors, weapons and decorations are some examples.

The game has a guild system in place so players can gather and socialize with each other, with the added element of pvp warfare where guilds can take over castles and defend them, being able to set the region taxes when holding it and gather a decent amount of gold.

The PvP is part of the game and has a very deep system designed for it, the world is divided in regions with a castle each one and guilds can take over them and control the taxes of that region, other guilds will attack it so they have to defend it as well. There will be mounted combat and warmachines and players will be able to gather up to 400vs400 which is an impressive number, and will require a strategy rather than just slaughtering.

Being an open world will make this mechanic very dynamic, people can gather away from a castle and attack it by surprise and so on, players will drop some non-character-bound items like consumables or other when upon death.

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