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Nostale F2P

NosTale is a multiplayer free RPG where players take their heroes out and explore a fantasy world fulfilling quests, taming creatures and defeating evil. They can even have their very own house and invite friends over and chill out.

- 3 starting classes with deep progression
- Exciting PvE and PvP encounters
- Complex pet system
- Complete Housing system
- Free to play

They use bows and arrows with deadly precision, they also know how to use poisons. They can specialize into Destroyer, assassin, fire cannoneer, wild keeper, ranger and scout.
They are trained in both close and range combat and can use the elements on their favour. They can become Warrior, Crusader, Berserker, Ninja, Gladiator, and Battle Monk.
Master of Magic
Their arsenal of spells can both heal and deal damage being a nice addition to the battlefield. They can follow these paths, Red Magician, Blue Magician, Holy Mage, Dark Gunner, Volcano, and Tide Lord.

It incorporates complex pet system in which players can get and tame pets, then train them to improve the benefits they bring into battle when summoned.

Is the name of the housin system that brings players the opportunity of having their very own house, they can decorate it and invite friends over to chill out between battle and battle, they can put furniture inside and and have flowers on a garden.

It's a nice place to spend your time when your friends are not only as well, since you have a lot of things to do there.

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