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Bleach Online is set in the universe created by Tite Kubo, where we find many of the characters, themes and lore from the manga and the Anime of Bleach. The title is a free-to-play browser MMORPG in which players will have to recruit a group of heroes, equip them, train them and make them face all kinds of enemies and challenges.


True to the original manga
Choose from three different classes
Create a group with familiar characters from the world of Bleach
Get powerful items to improve your group Battle Rating
Defeat the forces of evil in exciting PvE battles
Get constant awards and rewards as you go playing
Join or create your own Guild
Play directly from your browser without having to download anything


After being badly wounded in a battle, you were rescued by Captain Commander Yamamoto, and slept for 1000 years. When you woke up you don't remember anything from your past, or who you were or what are you doing there. The only thing you know is that you have to find Ichigo Kurosaki and his companions to alert them of a dark plot, and to discover who you are.


In the game your objective is to gather a group of people led by your hero and battle against terrible Hollow (evil spirits) and renegades. Players will also have to level up their characters, get them equipment and teach them skills to make them more powerful and increase their Battle Power, so that they can fight more challenging enemies and players.


In the game there are 3 different classes to choose, each one with its own history; each class can be played as either a male or female:

Ghost Sword - A fierce fighter who releases his rage to become more powerful, becoming unstoppable in combat.

Spirit Blade - A skilled fighter who uses a deadly spiritual bow to destroy their enemies at a distance.

Kidō - A calm and wise fighter who relies on his intelligence and wisdom to dominate and control their opponents.


The combat is a completely automated system, and all the players can do is equip their team with powerful pieces of gear, teach them new skills, and position them strategically in a formation that highlight their strengths in combat. When a player starts a fight, it has no control over their characters, and both sides exchange blows until there is a single victor. By winning a battle, players will get a score that will determine which rewards they'll receive.


In the game there are a wide variety of PvE features, such as instanced based areas only accessible for players who reach certain level. Players will also be able to enter in the Trial Tower, which activates different realms as players reach certain a level; each realm has five different stages that must be completed to earn great rewards. Players can also hunt souls; they have to catch wandering spirits who are trying to escape from the ghost realm. By stopping those ghosts, players earn themselves extra prizes and rewards.


Players can earn new pieces of gear by completing missions and through different PvE features, as the system that rewards you by entering the game for several consecutive days. Players also get extra silver in the Numa class, where they'll be able to test their Bleach knowledge, earning interesting rewards if they respond correctly or being converted into a llama if they fail.

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