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Pockie Kingdom F2P

Pockie Kingdom is a free horizontal strategy game that runs on a browser and is set in the European Middle Ages where players get to play one of the eight different classes, raise up an army of soldiers and expand their own kingdom through trade, diplomacy and conquest. With a variety of features and different combat systems this colourful animal has lots to offer.

- Raise a mighty army of soldiers
- Build up your own Empire
- Recruit mighty heroes
- Craft and trade
- Challenging PVP
- Free to play on a browser

The heroes in Pockie Kingdom fall into eight different classes, as determined by their abilities and combat styles, which when arranged in specific formations can easily give advantage to a player on the battlefield.

Heroes have different qualities and are responsible for leading Soldiers of the same type, each soldier can be levelled up by spending Souls to advance a unit and increase its stats, thereby also raising the Kings level.

Players can recruit Heroes, construct buildings and create alliances with other players or declare war to destroy them from good. Using a variety of management and strategy systems such as earning new equipment to improve your hero and the troops they lead players will level up and grow more powerful whilst unlocking new features the more they progress in the game.

Players earn silver while playing the game which is used for a number of in game features such as constructing buildings, training troops and recruiting heroes, purchasing gear from the shop. They can also get gold, the games premium currency, grants high quality items when used to get items; some features and items can only be purchased with gold.

One of the key features to the game and how players will earn money by producing and trading various items with other players, requiring a strong economy for the players' kingdom. There are eight different shops available to build in the Castle, six normal shops and two gold shops, the normal shops are on locked when certain quests have been completed and the two gold shops unlocked once all the normal shops have been placed. Players must pay gold to unlock their shops, choosing between the various shops styles: Fruit Store, Bakery, Ham Store, Furniture Store, Toggery, Tools Store, Silverware Store and Gems Store.

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