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Pandaemonic: Lords of Legions F2P

Pandaemonic – Lords of Legions is a free RTS browser game that puts you on an open conflict for supremacy and control against other players in the form a Demon lord, their goal is to expand your sovereign by improving your army, buildings and fortresses.
- Gather and refine materiales to construct buildings and fortresses.
- Explore the upperworld to further expand your domains.
- Improve and increase the ranks of your demon army to engage in PvP and PvE battles.
- Multiplayer features like battles and alliances
- Complete quests, gain XP, and improve over time to beat others and claim territory
- Play on your browser for free.

Your victims' bones are the most common resource which is used on player's buildings and units
It's a more advanced resource for higher tier buildings.
This is a unique type of resource and players need it to handle their troops.
Not that important in the beginning, Sulfur is later on needed in large amounts for every high building and unit.

Throne of Shadow
This is the base of operations, your strongest and weakest spot at the same time, so upgrading it is vital to progress.
Daemon Portal
It helps moving your troops, basicly.
Twilight Horn
This is the one you need to build to join a covenant (guild) or create your own one.
Cradle of Wrath
It has the role of a blassic barrack getting monsters and demons out of it.
Black Gate
Last and powerful line of defence that can hold back multiple enemy troops while you unleash hell on them.
Eye of the Mo‘kai
Scout that explores the map around your fortress and warning when the enemy shows up.
Seed of the Mo'Kai
This will expand your domains when planted on a free chasm and will create a fortress.
Boneyard, Obsidian Field, Chamber of Dread and Sulfur Plant
All of these are resource buildings which get and refine them.
They store imps until they're summoned by their masters.
The classic warehouse to store resources.
Basalt Statue
Prevents enemy from stealing your treasure.

Players can send requests to join others' guilds or just create their own one, it will require to build and upgrade some buildings first though, so they can't do it right away, the alliances and guilds are the best way to play the game, getting support from your guild mates and conquering together the upper world. You can also trade resources with them, send them money and troops and much much more.

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