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Dogs of War Online a strategic turn-based online game based on the tabletop game Confrontation. Players have their own band of mercenaries and must manage them by sending their mercs to battle other players.

- Manage your mercenary company
- Three factions system
- Three magic mechanics
- Persistent world
- PvP featuring popular game modes
- Completely free

The game plays on a hex grid and requires tactical thinking as players have to move their units across the map, they must consider difficult terrain and other objects to decide where to move. Each turn takes 30 seconds to keep the pace fast and players gain bonuses and penalizations depending where they're standing compared to their target.

Still there is a number of actions per turn to limit the amount of things a player can do within those 30 seconds.

There is a deep customization system that allows players to tweak every single unit in the company, they can be equipped with gear and develop thanks to the leveling system built-in the game, every unit gets XP when being used and they progress and improve over time.

Players also gain army points to expand their army and get new units, this is a ranking that helps pairing them with similar opponents when pvping.

Baronies of Acheron (Ram) – They are made out of undead and demons, they have high defens and attack, but can't move too fast, as a special ability they can also frighten their enemies.

Children of Yllia (Wolf) – They are the most primitive and savage faction, they have high speed when moving and high damage dealing capabilities, but they are weak on defences.

The Kingdom of Alahan (Lion) – The shiny knights who hold the power of the light have mixed units that makes them the most balanced faction.

Deathmatch – Enemies must destroy each other with no limit of time, total carnage!

Elimination VIP – every team has a VIP who they must protect while trying to kill the enemy's VIP, very fun to play and hard to master.

King of the Hill – It's some kind of domination mode, but just on one spot, players must stand there to gain points, at the end of the match, the player with the most points will win.

They are PvE taskts players can complete to get extra rewards such as gold and experience points which will help when developing their small army of mercenaries.

Some missions have limited time, others have costs associated to start them, and there are more types, players send their units to complete quests. But beware, units can die during this missions, players can use Fate cards to bring them back to life when this happens.

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