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Chronicles of Eidola F2P

GAME STYLE: Free to play Strategy


Chronicles of Eidola is a free to play web browser MMO where players battle against rising evils in an adventure to recover the Holy Grail, this fantasy based title focuses on players recruiting new Eidolon heroes from across the realm to join them on their quest and levelling them up to take on various PVE and PVP focused challenges.


- Multiple Eidolon heroes to recruit
- Level up, upgrade and evolve heroes
- Turn based combat using a new Arcana combo system
- Quest based instanced PVE and Guild/Co-op PVE battles
- Arena PVP system to earn ranks and rewards
- Browser title
- 100% F2P


The core of the game revolves around building up a team of Eidolon heroes, champions with their own abilities that are used to take on the various PVP and PVE challenges in the game. With a combination of increasing the Eidolon's abilities and strategically combining different Eidolon in various Formations, players have a tactical combat focused MMO to conquer.


Although players have a character, an Avenger, who pushes the main story content and is responsible for the character level, it is only the Eidolon that battle in the instanced based fights. Eidolon are recruited through the Summoner's Portal, from completing PVE Campaign stages, purchased in the shop, or earned through different events. Each Eidolon has unique statistics and a star level to indicate how powerful/upgraded they are, more importantly they have unique skills.

Each Eidolon's skill is activated in combat by using coloured Arcane orbs and when triggered will automatically target the opponents or allies as indicated by the skills description. As the game uses a Formation based system where players choose where their Eidolon are positioned on a 3x3 combat grid (which is broken down into a front, mid and backline) skills will target certain locations such as all of the enemy mid-line, or each enemy in the column directly in front of them, or the ally with the lowest hitpoints, which means the position of not only the enemy on their formation but your own Eidolon in their formation is very important.


Combat is turn based and each turn the player must select one of three Arcane orbs: orange, blue or green that directly correspond with the coloured orbs needed to trigger Eidolon abilities. If an Eidolon requires a blue-orange combo to trigger their skill then the player must select a blue orb first, then when the orange orb is triggered in a subsequent round (it doesn't have to be the following round and other coloured orbs can be selected) then the skill activates on that turn.

With this system players can think strategically about which Eidolon they want to use, potentially using all Eidolon that have the same combo colours (blue-orange, so players never need to use a green orb), or focusing on using the Eidolon with abilities that they particularly want to use. In this case they may have to launch different combos, such as pairing a blue-orange skill with a blue-green Eidolon skill means that by selecting an orange orb first the player could then choose on the next round whether they wanted to select a blue orb or a green, depending on which ability they needed to use.


The game has a variety of PVE and PVP focused features. The main quest campaign is a PVE instanced based adventure, meeting new NPCs and driving forward the story-arc, completing repeatable instanced stages which also provide resources and materials to upgrade Eidolon. Players can battle through the Skirmish mode to challenge difficult enemies, or the Gauntlet where they fight multiple enemies one after the other without a break between battles or the chance to heal (so having a healing focused Eidolon is important). A co-op mode allows a player to form a team and go head to head against multiple opponent formations, with multiple players paired up to battle them at the same time.

With PVP players primarily battle in real time battles within the Arena, challenging other players of different ranks and earning Medals that can be used to purchase items in the shop to make the Eidolon more powerful.


Web browser

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