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City of Steam is a free-to-play browser-based 3D industrial age fantasy MMORPG developed by Mechanist Games and based on the Unity3D technology. It take players to a world where clockworks, steam power, and arcane technologies suffuse every aspect of existence, from the half-organic, half-mechanical dwarves to the giant gears of the World Machine itself. Players will explore the massive world of Nexus, accomplish quests, complete dungeons, and compete with each other through the PvP terminal.

- Five factions, nine playable races and four classes to choose from
- real-time action combat
- optional PvP system
- wide range of customisation options for characters and equipment
- “Challenge Dungeon” feature
- browser-based, no download required


Inhabitating the Heartland City-States, these humans are a pragmatic and cosmopolitan people.

The humans hailing from the Republic of Avenoss are a well-educated and responsible folk.

With their industrious, stubborn spirit, the humans from the Empire of Stomar are hardened by the land they inhabit. They're renowned for their hard work, ethic, martial traditions, and strong liquor.

This green-skinned folk is gruff, disciplined, and known for their strong martial tradition as well as their strength and endurance. They possess a cunning sense of humour and a natural affinity for hierarchies.

The very long-lived, ashen-skinned, cautious and withdrawn people of the Draug jealously guards the dwindling wealth and influence of their noble houses.

Passionate, beautiful and short-lived, these stylish people are natural celebrities with an uncanny sense of social dynamics.

They're the smallest, quickest and most cunning among all green-skinned with seemingly inexhaustible reserves of manic energy.

Born in the holy kingdom of Ostenia, these humans, on the one hand, are blunt, opinionated and proud and romantic and very religious on the other.

Stubborn and strong, they're the largest, strongest and most intimidating of the greenskins. Driven to the margin of society by harsh public policy, many orcs turn to adventuring.


Armed with a state-of-the-art aetheric manipulator, the powerful Arcanist harnesses fire, ice, and lightning in a wide array of devastating tactical abilities.

A dabbler in soul magics, the Gunner also is an exacting marksman and indispensable wide-ranged combatant who abilities can turn normal firearms into siege engines.

An enduring warrior specialised in melee combat, the Warder possesses unrivalled defensive abilities and is able to summon ancient allies.

An enlightened character, the Channeler wields the music of the Mechanism to restore allies with faith and bring them into martial harmony.

Players will be able to create and join companies in order to play with their friends. When registering, player companies will have to decide which government sector they are closest affiliated with. Each faction vies for access to the Oracle and has its own bonuses for all members who join, and a default set of ranked title names which people are free to change at their own discretion.

The Arbiters
This faction rules the courts, and oversees the enforcement of the law.

The Explicators
The secretive arm of the church, disciples of the Liber Explicatum.

The Chroniclers
This faction deals in intelligence, and maintains the Nexan University.

The Consortium
The merchants of the setting, who covet the city's resources.

The Spireguards
The defenders of Nexus' borders, the military arm of Nexus.

You can modify and craft unique equipment using mods and salvaged materials. Mods are items you can put into existing equipment to give them an extra kick. In contrast to modding equipment, crafting is a bit more involved and a bit more expensive.

Besides the normal in-game currency “Shilling”, City of Steam will feature “Electrum” as premium currency in order to purchase or upgrade items, weapons, potions, etc. in shops scattered around the game world.
The developers are planning on having micro-transactions that only provide convenience features (larger stash, reduced travel time, early access to certain items, etc). Character races or classes won't be put behind a pay wall. Whether or not bosses and quests can offer the premium currency to be spent in-game, is currently still in debate.

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