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Cloud Pirates F2P

GAME STYLE: Free to play MOBA Shooter


Brace the mainsail, swab the deck, raise the anchor and warm up the rocket engines, Cloud Pirates is a sci-fantasy MMO where players are the captains aboard their very own pirate ships, flying pirate ships, and do battle with other players in team orientated combat. With sleek graphics, intuitive controls, multiple ship classes, personal customization and a number of modes and maps the game is an exciting third person (ship) shooter.


- Customize multiple pirate ships
- Unlock higher Tier ships through the Development tree
- Fast, strategic combat
- Earn XP and Gold in matches
- 5 Game Modes with Maps
- Earn Match Achievements
- 100% F2P


At its core Cloud Pirates is a third person shooter in a PVP focused MMO, players fight in matches of 10 per side over five random maps and battle modes to try and earn currency and XP in which they can acquire new ships and upgrades. The combat is fast and fun offering a 360 view and z-axis navigation and aerial combat with players flying around the sky-based maps, maneuvering around broken floating rocks and the ruined structures left behind after a world cataclysm.


The controls for combat are very intuitive and simple to use, so players don't get bogged down with high levels of micro-management to fire off the different guns that they have on their ship whilst simultaneously trying to fly around chasing their opponents. Using WASD key controls to move the ship, Shift key to drop in altitude and Spacebar to increase in altitude, players will be at different heights when in combat and can move around freely.

Firing weapons uses the mouse to aim a cursor and left mouse click to fire; each ship has primarily three sets of cannons, front, port side and starboard, with each cannon having its own firing arc. When aiming to the left of the ship the port side cannons will fire, as the player moves their cursor to the front of the ship and passes from the firing arc of the port side cannons to the front cannons it will instantly switch to firing the front cannons, similarly continuing to move round and look to the right it will then fire the starboard cannons.

Each ship comes equipped with shields and hull hitpoints; enemies must blast away the shields (which will replenish after a while out of combat) to start inflicting hull damage which must be healed with a healing orb or by an allied player or skill. As well as this ships start with their own ability that allows them to heal, quickly increase speed, teleport a ranged distance, or other trait that defines the ship; by researching new technologies ships can be equipped with more skills.


Through the XP and currency earned in matches players can invest this XP into the research tree for their individual owned ships; each ship has various ways it can be customized to suit the players combat style Some techs give the ship new abilities whereas other predominantly offer boost and stat increases to make the ship stronger in combat with more survivability.

By fighting in a ship players will earn Ship Experience for that particular ship; in the Development tree if a player fills up their full Ship Experience bar for a ship then it unlocks the next tier of ship in the tree, allowing players to purchase it. Matchmaking teams up ships of the same Tier so that players in the lowest start Tier 1 ships don't have to fight the strongest ships at the end of the tree.


There are five battle modes currently implemented in the game, with more modes to be added later, that focus on team PVP combat where both teams fight it out trying to earn points within the match time limit. The way to earn points differs from game to game, ranging from the standard Deathmatch mode where points are earned from ship kills, to Point Capture where a ticker increases the more capture points that a team controls.


Operating System: Win XP or higher
Processor: 2.1GHz Intel Core2 Duo
Memory: 2GB
Hard Drive Space: 2GB
Graphics: 256MB GeForce 8600GT

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