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A science fiction based card collecting game that can be played for free, Star Crusade sees players rise as Commanders of mighty factions in this head to head PVP focused MMO where players must craft a deck of powerful cards and fight through various game modes.


- Six factions to play as
- 400+ available cards
- Earn, buy and craft new cards
- Complete quests for currency
- Tactical PVP duels
- Casual, Ranked, Raid and Tournament game modes
- 100% F2P


Star Crusade is one of the newest additions to the card collecting game (CCG) genre where players acquire different cards for six different factions (and a seventh neutral group of cards that can be used by any faction), build up a deck and battle against players from around the world. With XP earned through matches or achieving high positions in ranked play users are able to earn new cards as well as completing quests and matches for credits to buy booster card packs that give multiple random cards, but can also be purchased with real money.


The six factions in the game represent different playstyles during a match; each has faction cards that are unique to them and Commander abilities that revolve around specific mechanics and strategies. The Consortium is able to summon agents and mercenaries that have little firepower, but can harass the enemy, or the Annunaki who can build up shields to protect their Commander making them harder to take down. Their units and tactics cards are geared towards supporting the faction's general playstyle and so the different factions themselves will appeal to different types of players depending on whether they want an aggressive, defensive or control deck.


Players can earn new cards by levelling up their faction by playing games, or completing quests to earn currency and buying booster packs (or spending real cash to buy them), earning high rank in Ranked play or even renewing old cards for craft materials and making new cards. With their cards they can build a deck for their faction using faction specific cards as well as neutral cards that are available to all six factions.

Players can have a minimum of 25 cards and a maximum of 40; the number of cards they have in their deck directly represents how many hitpoints their commander has. Whilst a larger deck gives you more hitpoints it also means you are less likely to consistently draw the cards you want in a given situation, smaller decks will draw the cards they want/need with more consistency and so can pull off their own tactics a lot easier.

For decks that have fewer cards in them the player draws extra cards at the start of a round, adding further strategic thought to deck building.


Battles are fairly typical of CCGs and players will take it in turns to draw cards at random from their built deck and spend their ever increasing resource pool to play cards; either unit cards that go onto the battlefield or tactics cards that deal a single effect such as healing, damage and other abilities.

Units have an attack and hitpoint score to determine how much damage they can deal to a Command or enemy unit, and a their hitpoints determine how much damage they are able to take before being destroyed. The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy Commander but to do so players will often have to take out the enemy units who can quickly pose a big threat.


As well as the standard Casual and Ranked play, players can also pay (cash or credits) to play in the games draft mode called “Raid”, here they must build a deck on the fly, building up their deck one card at a time with a choice of three randomly chosen cards each time. The player will have to think strategically on which cards to pick as they do not know which cards are likely to be selected in later turns. Once the deck is built players must try and battle their way through a star system attacking planets of varying difficulties and earning rewards the further they get.


Operating System: Windows XP to Windows 8
Processor: AMD Athlon 64X2 or equivalent
Memory: 2 GB
Hard Drive Space: 3 GB
Graphics: Radeon X1699, GeForce 6800 or higher
DirectX: 9.0

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