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SmashMuck Champions F2P

SmashMuck Champions is a free MOBA where Players will build and manage their own SmashMuck teams since they can customize and train their fighters before sending them into battle. With tons of combinations of skills, weapons and attacks for players to acquire, the title offers fast-paced combat that will be challenging to master.

SmashMuck features more than 20 champions but furthermore player can customize in a variety of ways. They are characterized by primary and secondary stats, traits, skills and also can be grouped together by their specialty like melee support, melee defence, ranged control, ranged offence, melee offence, ranged support, or ranged defence characters.

- Fast-paced combat
- Four game types with with up to 10 players simultaneously engaged
- Unique characters, weapons, skins, workouts, and attacks
- Interactive environments so it's never the same
- Fan-created content
- Daily challenges and achievements
- Worldwide leagues and leaderboards
- Free-to-play


Two teams compete to capture their opponents' Plunderball while they try to defend their own. In order to score a point, the enemy Plunderball has to be grabbed at the opponents' base and carried back to the team's own base. The first team to reach 3 points this way wins the match.

This game mod matches pit two teams of players against each other in a resource gathering type of scenario. Each team is accompanied by a giant mechanical building that has to be destroyed before the opponents do so.

Teams attempt to capture and hold preset control points. Everything depends on the strategy since players can try to hold captured points or try to get them all in order to earn 100 points to win the match. When a point is captured, a group of minions will spawn every once in a while to help defend it.

Two teams try to destroy the opposing team's garrison, which is protected by a cannon and four turrets, if that were enough, garrisons create minions that move towards the opposing team's base attacking any champions and turrets in their way.

Each of the five arenas hosts a competition, adding to the challenge unique obstacles and enviroments. Players have to pay attention to their surroundings to be better than their foes by using everything around them to their advantage.

Allow players to connect with others which grants several boosts and mor.

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