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Fallen earth is a 3-D MMO FPS with a post-apocalyptic theme which takes place around the grand canyon in the United States. It has first and third person point of views and one of its stronger features is the complex customisation mechanics which involve weapons, the couples, gear, and crafting system, there is also PvP and territory warfare.


- Post-apocalyptic theme
- Completely open world
- Skill based system, no classes
- Mounts and vehicles
- Deep customization mechanics

Players get points for playing and they must spend them in different categories to improve their skills, since the game has no classes whatsoever.

Stats: these are the basic statistics of your character, the higher they are the better your character will perform in the battlefield.

Active Skills: these are skills which are used in combat and other situations, you have to press the button's click on the icons to activate them.

Mutations: these are as this will contain the read of active skills they use a power bar which is field as you play and is spent when you use these skills.

Tradeskills: this is one of the most important pillars of the game, by standing points here you will be able to harvest resources and craft your own gear which will save you a lot of money and potentially can make you error a lot by selling what you craft.

players can engage in PVP battles throughout the world by joining one of the six actions in the game, they will fight each other for control over territories, to do so they have to capture strategy points such as keeps. Once they are in control of one of these territories they have access to special gear, weapons and other items.

Players can craft and customise almost everything in the game, everything is taken into account so so if a player adds extra weight or accessories to their weapon it will be louder when it shoots. When the craft a vehicle it happens the same if they put too much are more or a weapon on the vehicle it will move slower due to the extra weight.

Having that in mind players can craft pretty much everything their own weapon their own gear and vehicles, these ads a sandbox element to the game that is difficult to find in MMO's.

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