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Lineage Eternal is the upcoming MOBA from the classic Lineage franchise, it's an MMORPGs that takes you to the fantasy lands of Aden, fight off evil hordes and dark creatures and gain power becoming a hero.

- Action heroic cinematic combat
- Play from three different classes
- Use drag skills to perform abilities by moving your mouse
- Play on your own or team up with others and combine your abilities
- The world around you is completely interactive.

Knight: chivalrous warrior able to attack his enemy with demolishing attacks and powerful whirlwind manoeuvre. Aggressive melee fighter that can also become a tank when needed thanks to special skills and its thick armor.

Mage: They can switch between different stances such as a Destruction Stance to summon the elements or creating walls of ice and fire or a Displacement Stance to manipulate and move enemies with her telekinetic abilities, lifting them in the air and throwing them off walls and cliffs to their deaths.

Spirit Archer: they use ammo for the skills so it's important to check it all the time. They are able to move away from harm when that happens and also can buff and boost their weapons with elemental power.

Players will have a cinematic experience as they progress through the epic scale combat of lienage eternal, players command forces and help them reach their objectives by charging into the fray, scaling towers and city walls during cinematic sieges as catapults destroy the differences in front of your very eyes; the game looks like a cinematic but you control every part of it.

The whole environment is interactive and destructible which further increases the cinematic experience, players will have to activate or use certain items while killing enemies, or maybe destroy a siege weapon.

The key feature of the game is the drag skills that enable players to perform directional-based attacks using a mouse gesture system instead of using the typical attacks depending on which direction your hero is facing or targeting reticules often employed in MMORPGs.

With this system dragging the mouse in the chosen direction the hero will charge into his enemies following that line, or if the player draws a quick circle around the character they will perform a whirlwind strike that attacks nearby enemies. The mage has the ability to summon walls of ice and fire, drawing lines in rapid succession mean she can quickly summon them in any shape and direction the player chooses, blocking the path of surrounding herself to make it hard for enemies to reach. With her deathly touch spell she summons a plague touched aoe under the cursor and wherever the cursor moves and touches enemies they are instantly killed.

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