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Available to play for free Crush Online is a story driven RPG meets MOBA PVE/PVP experience, with three playable and customizable classes, dozens of unique regions to explore and reap new rewards, artifacts of power to find, craft and equip and much more. With traditional levelling gameplay players will be able to advance through the game unlocking new areas and content, fighting PVE and PVP enemies solo, in groups, forming or joining a Legion and battling for their faction.


- Three different player classes
- Three factions battling in an endless war
- Heavy world PVE/PVP content
- Resource gathering and crafting
- Create guilds and lead your faction to greatness
- 100% F2P


Crush Online at its core is a MOBA PVP style battle arena game with some RPG elements to push forward questing and exploring and introduce players into both the world and new features, but essentially the core content is about faction battles in the War. The MOBA elements are first of all from the way players control and fight with their character, mouse button movement and QWE and R to use skills, as seen in most traditional MOBA, as well as an isometric viewpoint of the character. These MOBA controls are used in both PVE and PVP, PVP sees a variety of arena style battles, point capture and also traditional lane based MOBA where players push through waves of enemy minions, fight past towers, capture camps and try to defeat the enemy players by destroying their core.


There is a choice of three classes for player characters, with players able to create more than one character; Saint, Guardian and Punisher. The classes do play completely differently from each other, with each having unique QWER skills bound to the weapons that they use, however, each class can have two different weapons (with Saints having three) that they can cycle between, which in turn gives them access to new skills depending on what they are wielding.

The Guardian is the classic tank role when equipped with a mace, fighting at the front and soaking damage, but when switching to their Cannon they become more of a backline support helping from the back. Similarly the Punisher is all about single target damage and high critical strikes, switching from melee Daggers to long ranged Bows, much like the Saint who focuses on AoE damage, using Blades in melee, Guns in ranged and Wands for elemental spells.

As players earn levels they also get points to spend in the talent system to further customize their characters to their own preferences, with offensive and defensive trees, they can increase their hitpoints, armor, critical strikes, ability damage and more, choosing how they wish to play their role.


The War is the main feature of the game, a huge continent broken up into dozens of areas that can be visited in the open world and are connected by portals that allow players to move between them freely. Each of the three factions control their own territory and can contest the rival factions territories by entering contested zones, in doing so players start a battle that the rival factions can try to defend. These battles bring up different PVP modes as mentioned, the victor will claim the territory for themselves and players earn rewards for their victories as well as boosts for the faction's progress.


Players have 8 available slots to equip themselves with different artifacts, which can be earned as quest rewards, purchased from vendors, or crafted with different materials. As standard artifacts will grant a player some base bonuses when equipped, however by earning and spending SP they can improve the quality of their boosts, making their gear more powerful and customizing their character down to a playstyle that they prefer. Crafted gear is made with different resources looted from monsters or harvested from nodes around the world, here players can create powerful gear as well as a number of consumables such as scrolls and potions to help them in battle.


Operating System: Windows XP or higher
Processor: 2GHz
Memory: 1GB
Hard Drive Space: 1GB
Graphics: Supports Direct X 10 or higher
DirectX: 10

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