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Frantz Kruger’s life took a turn when he was bitten by a vampire. Unable to resist the big temptation, he bit just one person. Frantz used the blood and the force of his own will to halt the process. He now exists as a creature trapped in a land of nobody, between human and monstruosity. As a side-effect of his condition, he suffers from chronic anemia and insomnia, which makes him to have an ashen appearance and a sullen, sarcastic disposition.

In battle, he supplements his swordsmanship with some dark magic granted by his vampiric blood. Also, Frantz has trained with massive axes that split his monstrous opponents in two with single strokes. He also employs some rather unorthodox techniques like throwing his colossal weapons toward his foes like other men would throw darts.

Angela is foul-mouthed and tough, but a bit naive, having been raised in a small village in middle of the forest. Still, no one can match her powerful spells. She is a young witch apprentice who to gain the more power needs to survive the current conflict. Angela fused her soul with that of Graestra, an ancient blade possessed by an evil spirit. This turned her hair red and spiky, as well as granting her the sorceress abilities of a witch many times her age.

She can summon fire and orbs of arcane energy to blast all who stand in her way. As Angela grows in power, she can master all the elements, heal her allies and even learn some abilities that Vlad’s own minions use against her. If Angela allow it, the spirit’s bloodlust will manifest in the weapon of death itself, a large and wicked scythe. Slower even than the Magic Sword form, Graestra’s scythe form trades magical superiority for long range, brutal attacks.

A lifelong wanderer, Tude Macleod was attacked by a wolf during one of his travels. He managed to fend the beast off but not after it broke off one of its huge teeth inside his chest. Before long, Tude discovered that the wolf’s bite and its tooth were affecting his body. His arm turned into a wicked claw that he hides within a bulky gauntlet. He was traveling from town to town to avoid arousing suspicion when he stumbled into Bramunez on a whim. In a serious case of wrong place at the wrong time, Tude was sealed within Curtis Castle when the Golden Seal team erected the barriers to trap Vlad inside his castle.

Tude’s gauntlet is the fastest weapon on the Golden Seal team, able to uppercut enemies into the air and even kill them twice before they hit the ground. In combat, he is the perfect combination of man and beast; ducking and weaving like a boxer before pouncing like a ravenous wolf. His claw sacrifices the quick and precise strikes of the gauntlet in favor of wide range attacks, reaping arcs of razor-edged death. Although slower and much bulkier than the gauntlet, the claw has the ability to charge up even its most basic attack in order to unleash a frenzy of strikes.


The My Room feature gives you a personal space within the city to store items and collect your thoughts. It also serves as a fast-travel hub so you can reach all the areas you’ve already discovered quickly and conveniently. Every time you enter the land of Rumania you will start in your Room. Where you go from there is up to you.


There are different modes. Champions climb the PvP ranks and are awarded special points which they can use to purchase special weapons and items.

Choose your leader wisely in this game type, because if they fall it’s game over. Be the first to slay the other team’s VIP to win, but remember that support and healing roles are often just as important as punching the other team’s VIP in the face.

Tag Team
Solo combat with a team-based twist, Tag Team mode pits your team against the opponent in a series of short, one on one matches. Defeat the entire team’s roster to achieve victory but be careful, the order of opponents is random.

The most straightforward mode pits teams against each other in a no-holds-barred brawl. Points are tallied as each member of a team is defeated, but no one stays down for long and it’s anyone’s game until the timer hits zero.

Survival is the only thing that matters at the end of the day. This mode reflects the brutality of the world itself. Either in a team or by yourself, survive by any means necessary and be crowned the victor of this savage match.


Members of a guild can enter their own private Guild Hall to chat, trade and form parties. They can also make donations in the form of in-game currency, goods added to the Guild Warehouse or experience that contributes to the Guild Level.

Guild Experience is acquired by all characters within a guild and doesn’t affect the amount of experience you receive toward your level. It is a separate system that rewards guilds with many active members,

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